Mars Sextile Jupiter

Mars Sextile in Jupiter makes for a lovely male. He’s strong, courageous, generous, honest and industrious. He gets shit done. No time for messing about.

You might think this is a direct opposite to the native I described in my last entry (Venus Sextile Jupiter) but remember these are all aspects of a multi-layered person. Different shades and complexities within a single soul. Here then, we see the other side of the balance I was speaking about in that entry.

This guy doesn’t procrastinate. When it’s time to work he gets in there and gets things done! (Sexy as hell too!) The Venus Sextile Jupiter peeks in with the optimism by which these tasks are tackled.

This is an active soul. They probably have a healthy exercise routine and very much enjoy competitions in sports. This is a good teammate and co-worker. This native has a sense of humor about their assertive side. They aren’t a bit embarrassed to admit they are looking to gain from their work. When this guy takes a risk it’s with perfect timing and after careful (almost painfully meticulous) planning.

This native will have an excellent reputation. They are looking to succeed but are rarely ever aggressive, in fact, the only time they will be, is when they feel threatened. Any enemy would be well advised to be cautious about trying to take advantage of this natives easy-going nature. Just because their natural core is gentleness, doesn’t mean they are incapable of acting, quite the opposite. They know their competency and don’t feel they need to be rude about it. This will, definitely startle opportunistic aggressors looking to use this native as a passive rival only to find themselves face-to-face with an active animal predator hiding within.

This guy can’t do fake. If he is forced to wear masks he will chaff under them. His true feelings will ALWAYS peek out wanting to breathe. He has a noble soul, but one that might feel the need to compromise for the sake of others. If he wears a lot of masks, at some point he will need to decide. Be his authentically faulted true self, or chaff under the fake masks like a wuss his entire life. ( Yup, I AM calling you out. Glad you noticed dude!)

This guy dislikes boredom. He wants to leave useless actions and words behind him. Don’t ask him the same questions and expect a new answer. He will have memorized the answer that you want, and will say that response over-and-over again getting less and less interested as that same litany of questions parades past him ad nauseam.

He wakes up the precise moment someone actually says something new and interesting. Want him to come alive? Ask him questions that make him consider your words on a deeper level. This guy loves a good “mulling it over” session much more than others. In fact, he would LOVE it!

This guy has fast reflexes. His mind is already 4 chapters ahead of you, so this makes perfect sense. The perfect woman for this native, is the one who can not only keep up with him, but give him an exciting run for his money by challenging his viewpoints and contemplations. Mostly because this guy never sees just one side. He likes to have his mind changed and/or jousted with vigorously. He doesn’t mind discussing various differing thoughts, in fact, it turns him on!

The woman who “gets this guy” will actually be quite an interesting person in and of herself. She has her own ideas and challenges his senses. She has a sharp wit, even sharper insight into his inner core, AND isn’t even a little ruffled by his secret inner predator. (Growl yourself. Mr. kitty cat!)

This guy has high ambition. He works hard and doesn’t mind taking the time needed to do things thoroughly, and we do mean thoroughly everywhere (sexy ass man!)

This guy won’t suffer in silence. He has, after all, a protective, but still very much predatory animal, breathing intensely inside him. He wants communication. He wants to be engaged.  He needs interaction on a physical AND intellectual level. He is all about debating and philosophizing and lots of sexy stuff I can’t speak of because I might catch on fire.

Word of warning: If a woman, seeking to enter into his life, attempts to “pretend” she is this needed aspect for him, he will know immediately if she’s faking it. He needs a woman who actually is a thinker, actually does want to learn about something he cares about, and ACTUALLY DOES have her own topics she enjoys debating about. She needs stories, thoughts, and a lot of personal convictions. He has no patience for anyone who attempts to deceive him.

There, I’ve warned you. This guy will leave a phony flat on her back and feeling regretful. See, this guy values honesty, integrity, and a versatile mind and pretending you are engaged with his interests and his mind, is deeply betraying to him. (Don’t do it. It’s a shitty way to behave even if you do really like someone.) His usual kind-hearted manner won’t enter into it on this one. If you pretend to care about the things he cares about, just to get him to like you, he will never forgive you. Ever. Game over. Don’t. Do. It.

Remember that inner predator animal I spoke about? He’s super protective. He doesn’t like people dominating others near him and most especially, those dear to him. Whether the dominating force is physically dominating or intellectually dominating someone, matters very little to him.

If he sees it, he will interfere, engaging the predator away from their prey like a living shield. He does it in a marvellous way too! He will gauge the situation and lend just the right amount of support. The prey has his support, but he doesn’t always need to do more than check the opponent and let the “prey” grow into her power, knowing he believes in her strength. This is a guy who has a protective predator inside him, but that predator doesn’t mind letting the prey stand up for itself. (Which is pretty freakin hot!)






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