Mercury Conjunct Ascendent

Mercury Conjunct Ascendent indicates a hard truth. One that I actually have in my own chart. Therefore, I’ll be completely honest, it’s a horribly bad habit that MUST be conquered if one wants to succeed at being a good conversationalist.

This native will come off as a bit self-involved at times. He likes to talk about the things he’s doing. What he thinks. His stories. It’s not that he means to dominate the conversation but, he can unconsciously give an offhand impression of selfishness. It’s because he lives in his head and, when he shares, it is generally because he’s not paying attention to the lack of conversational give-and-take.

He gets soo wrapped up in the cool stuff he’s thinking about and wanting to share, that he kinda forgets that other people also have exciting thoughts and ideas they might want to talk about too.

The problem happens like this: He is fun to talk to (because he is always doing or thinking new and interesting things!) as a result, people frequently encourage him to speak, and speak, and speak! Endless people. Soo many friends and acquaintances that ask him how he is, what’s new, what does he think about this or that. It’s a natural part of being an active influencer and leader.

People ask him about himself soo frequently, within his conversational realm, that it becomes a habit to assume they want him to speak in this manner all the time. This is obviously not always true, but it is true just enough to create this bad habit.

Most people don’t mind that a lot of his conversations revolve around the word “me” and “I” but, our native needs to be aware of this habit and insert a few personal conversational “reminders” to himself from time to time. (After all, he’s not ALWAYS being interviewed.) Sometimes he’s just having a social conversation and that means letting others be the star or focus of the conversation.

People want this native to speak soo much and soo often they kinda get in the habit of no longer waiting to be asked and just dive in, endlessly, whenever anyone initiates conversation. The problem is, of course, that, that isn’t always true all the time, even if 99.9 % of the time it is. That 1% will bite you in the ass!

Remember, surface conversation isn’t the same as intimate conversation. To get closer to people, this native NEEDS to switch gears from “sharing tidbits of interesting conversation” to delving into much more intimate conversation that requires a deeper level of listening and sharing.

Remember, it’s not that this native is egocentric, it’s that over time he has gotten use to always being asked to speak about surface happenings, to the point that, he “forgets” to turn off the sharing habit and just be a normal person having a deep conversation. One that involves delving into both their own private thoughts and, the private thoughts of that other person.

Because his mind works intricately and with great depth, he might not always respect the fact that others “need a moment” to gather their thoughts. He’s soo “on” all the time, that he might be a bit harsh or impatient with the time it takes others to speak about something. He always has his own thoughts readily in mind at any given point. He needs to realize that his mind is a bit more active than other people’s and they aren’t as infused with ready thoughts the way he is 24/7.  No, really…this guy is in his head all the time.

A good bit of advice to this native is to avoid asking any leading questions that he then immediately answers himself. It can be seen as a tad inconsiderate and comes off as egotistical in nature.

There is no nice way to put this…the fact is, this native needs to be very careful not to appear tactless with regards to bringing up topics just to show-off his knowledge of that topic. He might do this, because he wants to gain some specific bit of information about a topic or person, but can’t figure out a way to carefully steer the conversation into that direction and this “answer my own question” thing looks appealing as a solution. (Don’t do it dude! It’s a bad idea!)

Oh, and the other pitfall he might fall into is in the area of being right. He thinks he’s right, isn’t afraid to point out that he’s right and sometimes..well, isn’t actually right. We call this “stepping in it” “Tasting shoe leather” or “Foot in mouth disease”. (I know the taste of shoe very well myself so, no judgement)

This aspect might seem a bit harsh, but the reason it comes up is that it is a natural by-product of an active and engaged mind. This is not a person afraid to express their thoughts. They have many and this is part of their awesomeness. They just need to also be aware that with great thoughts come great impatience and a more frequent possibility for hurrying and missing opportunities to engage and learn from others. This amazing person has many, many ideas and with that enthusiasm comes a temptation to hurry and get everything they are thinking out into the world before they lose the thread.

This native is active. They move around quite a lot and even fidget. They have twinkles in their eyes and an overflowing chatter (once you get them to stand still long enough). It’s hard to get them to be still and chat, which is why, soo many people just let them chatter away about themselves forgetting to let others join in. It’s like an enthusiastic eruption of sharing.  A cheerful overload of ideas. They have soo much they are interested in, working on, or just contemplating. Flip their switch and they just can’t help but go on and on!

Remember, this habit arises because they are such fun to interact with! They are asked to speak soo often and given the conversational floor soo frequently that this creates bad conversational habits.

They are bright, mischievous and full of self expression! This aspect is an absolute side effect of something quite wonderful. If this native is able to remind themselves not to fall into this habit in conversation, they will find that people truly love chatting with them. They are busy bees of activity and engaged fully in the pursuit of learning. This is a person who has thoughts, thoughts, thoughts! They need conversational skills and diplomacy to keep them in balance. Once they accomplish this they are definitely shining like stars for all to see!


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