Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Ok, seeing as how this guy has Mercury Sextile Neptune (the placement of illusions) here we see his amazing ability continue on and focusing itself on Pluto, the planet of truth and seeing the dark hidden parts of things.

To call this guy a lover of truth is underplaying it. He’s a purist for the truth. He lives in it, breathes it, trusts in it like it is his religion..which, quite kinda is.

His mind is lazer-like. He sees the beneath and the behind. He reads secrets in fragments. Putting bits and pieces of things together until he has a picture of everything before him. It’s no good lying, he already knows most of it. Coupled with this guys strong Virgo (he has multiple Virgos on his chart) there is nothing hidden around him for very long. He puts all the facts together almost without being aware of it.

His piercing directness can either impress or frighten others. The one thing he can rely on is that others are going to react to his presence. He doesn’t appreciate games because his ability to see truth makes them readily apparent to him and he considers such things childish. He much prefers truth to games. As mentioned, he is a bit of a purist in this area, in fact. He is impressed by truth and disgusted by lying. He hates wasting time.

Note***His mind is truly where he lives. This is clearly the core of himself. His mind is everywhere on his chart. This guy, more than any I have ever seen…lives exclusively in his mind which, is a bit sad, because his heart is fucking amazing. His capacity for deep love is one of the most transforming things he will experience. He has deep deep fear of his own hearts impulses. His intellect and his thoughts take prime place in his life. Everything he does, is, or wants to become is filtered through his mind. This is excellent for making him a career and a great motivating force for life..but, the one area he will most be at odds with, is in the area of his feelings.

Emotions aren’t logical. They can’t be filtered through the mind and remain fertile. He will lack strongly in the area of spiritual meaning. Not to say he isn’t spiritual (I have mentioned truth is almost his religion) but, in areas where his truth shouts most at him becomes muddied by his lack of acting on anything that the heart feels but the mind rejects.

Leaps of faith will be the most difficult for this man. Any situation whereby he must trust something illogical to the mind but completely felt in the heart, will cause him complete fear and panic. His automatic reaction will be to create a loop effect. Going over and over his logical facts, but being unable to accept what his truth is telling him. Like a computer stuck on reboot he cannot cope with the truth that is found. His feelings have their own truth and it isn’t in the mind…it resides in his heart.

In this life he will constantly need to overcome a fear of feelings. Or what I like to call “Faith without proof.” ***

This mind is assertive. He can’t help it. It comes with the strength of such a powerful intellect. He has depth. He has dimension. He has strong reactions. Therefore, assertiveness is just a natural response to seeing truth and gathering knowledge. His attention span doesn’t deviate.

In fact, if he is concentrating hard enough, sounds and happenings in his proximity will cease to exist at times, prompting others to perhaps go to great lengths to get his attention back to them..generally with mixed results.

The fact is, those people are probably attempting to get his attention because, when it is focused on them, it is with that same amazing intensity.

Therefore, he can be forgiven for getting long as he gives equal time to his relationships as he does his other interests…( hoooo daddy!!)

He’s also extremely stubborn about a decision once he’s made it. He takes a long time to come to a decision and doesn’t appreciate being questioned once he’s completed it.  Let’s be honest, if he puts that much energy into deciding something you aren’t likely to think of a viewpoint he hasn’t already considered..twice..or perhaps three times. You feel me?

Oh..and let’s talk about revenge for a second. Um…this guy isn’t one to make into an enemy. He will put all his resources into destroying anyone who harms his family or himself. He will remember you. He will wait as long as it takes and he will destroy you. He will have studied you. He will have focused his amazing intensity on evaluating the exact moment to devastate and destroy you..generally when you have long forgotten about it. Trust me…this guy is all about if you have cultivated his wrath you probably deserve everything that’s coming to you.

In the area of relationships this guy needs a strong mate. The intensity he exudes. The piercing quality of his insight, and the strength of his truth philosophy, is such that a weak woman will not survive.

She must have a strong will, a deep spiritual core, and an ability to challenge him without losing his respect.

Because he has such a strong personality he must have a mate who will not allow him to force her into submission. She has to be his equal in power. Where he lacks she must excel. Her ability to understand his emotional levels and look him square in his terrified heart will do much to claim him as her own. His heart will be penetrated and his mind will be engaged.

This woman will be opinionated and firm in her beliefs. She will have scars and a history of surviving much pain on her own. She has an active mind, but more than that, an understanding of the heart. The truth is, this guy needs her to see beyond the mind he so prides himself on..straight into the heart he most fears revealing.

She needn’t be smarter than he, or have such a strong presence, she needs most uniquely to simply see him on an emotional level. Providing him an unwavering stability or anchor for his core emotions as her main put it into simplest terms, she needs to be his home base and the place he lets his vulnerability rest comfortably.

Giggles, laughter, lightness. Traditions and a homelike stability. Strong support and unwavering commitment to their connection. This is where his heart will find it’s peace.

He will have negative traits: A Suspicious mind, stubborn will, set behaviors that don’t serve him, and a habit of wanting his own way because he’s grown accustomed to others giving way in a professional capacity. He can become obsessive over an idea he is pursuing and will fight any attempts to divert his attention from destructive behaviors once his mind is engaged in investigating them even to the detriment of his own happiness. He will also behave somewhat manipulatively if it serves his desires. It would be best for him not to win every argument and therefore, having a mate who is unafraid of going toe-to-toe with him is key to his happiness. Weird, but true.

All-in-all this guy is an amazing person but, he’s also a complex one. He sees people and this very quality needs strong response. No half-way friendships or lovers for him. If he goes all-in, his core circle needs to be made up of strong people..specially the one he loves.








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