Mercury Conjunct Uranus

This is the aspect of a brilliant mind. Sometimes even that of an eccentric but startling genius. Insight, ideas and intuition are sharp and lethal. This native is practically psychic.

They see things, know things, understand things, that cannot be explained to others. Mostly because their mind is moving faster than a bullet.

There is the tendency to leap to conclusions, mostly correct ones, but sometimes not. It’s those incorrect times that causes them occasional friction with others.

The fast intuition is excellent, but this guy needs to be more thorough when shifting through impressions and NOT take the first one he gets. In this his speedy ways are NOT always his friend and choosing the most likely answer isn’t always a sound bet. It only takes one rare incorrect assumption to make you into an ass after all! His best bet is being thorough in his contemplation even when he’s pretty sure he’s right.

He’s also prone to flip-flopping when he’s stressed or emotional, ignoring his insight in favor of being “accepted”, or grow increasingly bored of what was once utterly fascinating.

His physical characteristic will be that of finger dexterity and clever object manipulation. He has quick reflexes too!

Unusual. He is unusual. His mind doesn’t work like other people’s. He’s got massive skill in science and even the occult studies like astrology. Mercury is the traditional ruler of astrology and Uranus is the more modern so he’s got it on both.

Because the mind works lightning fast there is a need to temper irritability and impatience. To help slow himself down he may benefit from hobbies that force him to learn methodical habits. The more he learns a hobby that forces slow and steady hands and a more paced out mind the better he will be at slowing himself down where a slower approach will benefit him. If he doesn’t learn this skill, he will be prone to accidents and exhaustion.

Mercury represents the mind and expression. It’s where curiosity is born and stimulated. It represents the way you express your viewpoint and your personal manner of making your point clear.

Mercury and Uranus work well together.

Those with an interaction between these two are clever, articulate and intelligent. They live in their head. They really, really live in their head. Like, really, really, really!

This native fears choices. He will literally sweat about it. “What if I choose this path, but it turns out I missed out by not choosing that one!”

In the heart area over-thinking is actually bad. In fact, it will fuck him up 99.9% of the time.

Want honesty? Choosing a path is scary, but the alternative is waiting and deliberating soo long that you miss out on where that choice would have lead. The longer this native waits..the more they lose.

Imagine this scene. The native has two prospective romantic partners. He contemplates them both in depth and detail.

His gut tells him he is drawn to the one that makes him feel something amazing, but he doesn’t understand why he’s drawn to her when the other woman sounds better on paper.

In this, the mind confuses the issue. The heart, in areas of love, isn’t rational or logical. Here, his genius intuition is actually better off NOT thinking things over. Why? Because love is about the wisdom of the heart and NOT the details of the mind.

He knows (with his native born intuition) that the one he vibes best with (but can’t explain) is the right one for him but, he keeps worrying that he’ll choose the wrong path and regret his choice he waits and waits and waits..chewing over ideas and facts about both women until…..the one he was most drawn to is suddenly no longer available to him. He never showed her his interest and another suitor, less hesitant, sauntered in and stole her away. Yes, he might be the better man, but he’s the man who never showed up.

In love, this native is best served by ignoring facts and listening to the small still voice inside him.

My advice?:

Deliberate if you must, but once you understand your heart, don’t hesitate.





Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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