Mercury Sextile Neptune

Sextile is a bit more flexible than the Conjunct connection would be, all the amazing creative expression without all the Conjunction issues. Win-win.

This native has an invigorating creativity. It feeds into his personality and adds an emotional element that gives the work meaning and a more personal touch. The fact that this isn’t the Conjunct helps this native step away from the illusions of this placement and becomes a more mystical awareness without the self-deception. They know it’s just imagery and light, so they can play with abandon without losing much needed perspective. They know they are playing, so the creative escape helps the mind relax a bit. (This might explain his deep love of acting.) It’s like being someone “not himself” for a short while without losing himself underneath the role.

He will examine how the role felt, what it revealed within himself, and give him deep lessons into his truths, with the ability to step out of the experience when it becomes “too much”. Knowing it’s not real gives him a safety net that actually helps him immerse into a role never having to fear losing his perspective. Win-win.

He uses his experiences to transform his awareness. He is curious about people. The choices they make, the situations they are forced into, and the ways that life changing events shape their future selves.

He’s not one to accept things at face value. He wants to see, experience, truly understand. This aspect is generally found in the charts of successful writers, creative artists and people in a  media-based spotlight.

They are able to hear and evaluate multiple opinions, impressions and beliefs without losing sight of their own  beliefs, opinions, and impressions on a personal level. They empathise without judgment but also without feeling the need to justify keeping their own beliefs separate. They take in what the person shares without needing to explain or rationalise their experience just because might deviate from theirs. Like a reporter who listens to and reports the news without adding something of themselves to the interview. Impartial but engaged.

This guy, he likes learning. He adds to his closet of experience with gusto. He will add to his knowledge for his own happiness, rather than any need to impress others. In fact, many would be stunned by just how much this guy takes in and examines privately.

He sees broadly and can often forecast and alert others to dangerous changes in the social structure. Which is why soo many with this placement are in the media as reporters, investigators, and social leaders. They become the barometers others rely on to notice and evaluate things that are a concern to public welfare and fairly present them for others attention.

This placement is sensitive. They don’t just notice what’s happening around them they see how it’s going to affect others. They can very accurately determine where change will be welcomed and where it will be violently opposed. They have an almost uncanny ability to guess the results of an action through to conclusion even before that action physically occurs.

Being in a relationship with this fellow is going to be interesting. He will know his partner soo well that if he’s in a mood to make waves with his mate he can and will know just where to strike to get a specific reaction. If he’s of a loving nature he will also be quite adept at preventing the same. Which makes me smile..because basically this guy has the ability to cause his mate to want to kiss him and kill him in equal measure all depending on if he’s feeling the need to be a rascal or an angel. If he wants to rile her up, he will. If he wants to calm her down, he will.

He should probably be careful though, if his mate is aware of this particular ability of his, she might turn the tables and call him out on his little games. If he’s very very lucky his mate will keep him on his toes in a very stimulating way that activates both his mind and his senses. (Hubba hubba ding!)

Also, (this should also be mentioned) his voice has an amazing impact on his mate. Just hearing his voice can make her feel calm and relaxed. It has a harmonious and melodic way that soothes and heals her.


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