Midheaven in Gemini

Midheaven in Gemini likes doing things..lots of things!! In fact, most will have multiple careers going at once. This guy is no exception. At last count he has worked/is working as:

*public speaker/influencer
*activist(donating privately to charity and assisting in planet conservation totally counts)

Now, add in his grasp of languages, culture,  and philosophy and, add in a thirst to travel, and you have a guy who definitely needs a day-planner!

The secret to this guy is caring about the things he does. If his feelings are engaged, he doesn’t think of his interest as working thus, for him, all is pleasure. It’s also hard work (don’t be fooled!) But, this guy hates being bored and will endlessly, continuously, actively, pursue topics and ideas that keep him moving toward his many, many life goals.

The brilliance of this guy is in his intuition. Not only is he interested in a variety of things but, he seems to have in intuition about what works and what doesn’t. What has potential and what isn’t worth pursuing. He just knows instinctively when something will work. Others will notice this and either ask him for directional advice, or totally follow wherever he leads..because this guy..he understands the way of things.

His instinct on change is extremely accurate and his pacing ability is practically genius level. He hits the iron exactly when it’s ready to burn!

MC in Gemini likes the written word. They like playing with thoughts, combinations and the grouping of things. They play with ideas and consider making unusual combinations. They don’t immediately discard an idea until they have shifted it and looked at it from every angle.

Good jobs for these folks include the arts, planning, journalism, education, design, performing, sales, fashion design, advertising, and writing. Anything that lets him combine ideas together and create new and amazing things. They don’t do well with slow moving or limited tasks. They like options, choices, possibilities!!!

Quite a few are drawn to the writing field because writing offers a “no limit” world of creativity and personal expression.

Just as this native knows when the time is right, they also know when it’s time to move on to something else. They just know when something has played itself out.

We see this time-and-time again with his unusual choices in new projects. You never know what he’ll be taking on next!! From starting a band, to doing the voice of an animal in a movie, to directing a documentary, to staring in a new video-game, to beginning a brand new business that has nothing to do with anything he’s done in the past!

He’s all over the place and keeps everyone guessing! And oddly..mystifyingly! Almost eerily! Everything he does has a stamp of style and flavor that could only be him.

Let’s get into more detail. This guy he’s not soo good with implementing his ideas. MC in Gemini, are however, absolutely genius at generating ideas and presenting them to people who are. He will find the person who matches or shares his vision and go “all in” on a project until it’s completed. In fact, if they are deeply obsessed with a single idea they will develop tunnel vision until they either make that idea reality or crash into the next obstacle.

Jobs that don’t allow him to think things through at his own pacing, or work with his particular meandering style, will quickly drive him nuts.

We talked about this guy and his amazing intuition with pacing, so one can only imagine the frustration of trying to get other people on track and willing to match his stride.

If the MC in Gemini can manage to forge a team of people that instinctively trust in his amazing gift, they will be in for a hell of a lot of interesting projects!

Just like any thinker, this guy needs to take frequent breaks to allow his mind to reboot and restart. If he fails to do so, he will find himself, at times, suffering from something very similar to writers block. It’s not an “on demand” talent. It’s a talent that comes from interaction with thought in a playful relaxed manner. If he works himself too hard, he’ll soon realize his talent is (for want of a better description)
slightly annoyed and exasperated with him! Once he allows himself the time to let his special way of being replenish itself, he’ll not continue to be thwarted by his own creativity.

MC in Gemini isn’t an “off the cuff” kind of speaker. They don’t react well to the “unexpected” This is, most likely, due to the way they process ideas. They play with words and concepts for hours. Asking them to pull it from the ether without examining how it fits together will lead to stammering and uncomfortable silence. If they manage to overcome this hiccup, they will create a “sort of” magic for others by the quality of their expression. They weave stories and insight right before your eyes and make it tangible and textured.

Those with MC in Gemini constantly feel the loss of time. They feel like time is going, going, going and they must run to keep up! They have soo much they still want to do! They are never done, never satisfied, never without some new thread of interest wandering along beside them. They have a thirst to not only learn EVERYTHING, they want to create, develop, manifest!

Leaving a legacy of themselves behind is terribly important to MC in Gemini. They move constantly because they just feel like what they leave behind will continue to become after they have gone.

This guy, he doesn’t get stressed out by multiple things happening at once. Fast-paced might be other people’s idea of hell..but, this guy thrives on it! He loves the activity. The hustle and bustle. The free-flowing movement of people sharing, moving, and interacting with one shared goal or purpose. This stuff, for him, is absolute pleasure!!

People might focus on how hard-working this guy is..and BOY IS HE! But, to be truthful, it’s his stamina and speed that really floors people. He’s like a hummingbird of activity. He might be in New York one moment, and then, suddenly in Paris. He flits from place to place with the timing and speed of a practiced juggler.

Ok, sooo..this guy does have one teeny tiny flaw in there…It’s..well..his mouth. He speaks what he thinks but, he might only be thinking of part of the story, or repeat something he heard and didn’t quite get completely right. Or..repeat some entertaining tidbit he kinda, sorta, forgot some facts about..whoops! Generally he’s easily forgiven because the guy is genuinely just having fun sharing thoughts and LET’S BE HONEST! He’s damned entertaining! Sooo what if he said something slightly scandalous or slightly out of context..the guy is endearingly sincere and loving. He might embellish a story, just a bit, to make it more interesting or funny..but, honestly…he’s really just trying to make you laugh or smile.

Downside to this active mind, is that, because they are incredibly unpredictable and capable of anything people tend to believe just about anything they hear about him, even if it’s a big fat lie. “He was seen in Paris with the wife of a very jealous Prince!” “He totally had a crush on his co-star for years and years!” People just can’t seem to know what’s true and what isn’t when it comes to this guy and some….even make stuff up! (Rude!!)

Chances are, this guy was mega-popular in high school. Most would say it’s because he was friendly or wanted to be around other people, and while that may have been true, to a point, the truth is..this guy liked being part of as many activities as possible. He probably really loved being able to show off his impressive resume of knowledge and experiences. Cause, this guy! He just loves learning. He likes, likes, likes trying everything on offer.

Growing into adulthood this thirst to expand will have shown ever more strongly, especially if there are lots of interactions with his planets. Any planets conjuncting his midheaven will project outward to the public, a guy who is restless, intelligent, clever and full of enthusiasm for life. By it’s very nature..TMW5T’s MC interactions make for a unique and one-of-a-kind individual that cannot be replicated. There will never be one just like him. He’s too curious, too active, too alive and shiny.

It’s like trying to find another Cher, another Elton John, another Madonna. TMW5T’S just isn’t anyone but himself. The hardest thing for people will be that they won’t be able to fully guess who he is. What he’s thinking. What he’s like in his secret mind.

The truth is…this secret inner is exactly what Gemini in MC wants. They don’t like being defined. They don’t like being categorised or picked apart. They live in a constant state of change and having themselves defined means they can’t become something new. They like new. They like not having one way, one rule, one definition. Being inscrutable suits the Gemini just fine.

The way MC in Gemini is with one person..might not correspond to the image another person has of them. This is because MC in Gemini is always changing and constantly interacting differently based on what they became today, that they weren’t yet..yesterday. If that makes sense.

Gemini in MC has a goal. A very strong motivating goal. They want to get people talking. To get people interacting. Thinking. Doing. They want to teach the world that there is no end to what one can become. They love that the world has limitless possibilities. It’s like watching fireworks for them. Watching others connect with something is infinitely and reverently beautiful to this native.

MC in Gemini knows people are fickle creatures. That one moment they might be the talk of the town and the next the one they can’t quite recall. They live and love as fast and furiously as they can because, more than any other sign, they are acutely aware that people change, that life moves forward with or without their consent. His dream isn’t to be noticed, it’s to create and share what he’s learned with others. He doesn’t want attention because he wants others to look at him…he just can’t imagine not sharing the cool things he thinks about, and his joy at these amazing thoughts drive him to give others a chance to experience that joy also!

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