Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon Conjunct Mars natives are passionate, emotional, and very excitable. They notice anything that stimulates the senses. Highly sensual and sexual, they are very hot-blooded. Very spontaneously driven.

They can be quite blunt and straightforward and this quality will be readily apparent to others.

These natives get bored rather easily, and seeking stimulation is generally the result. They tend to have a quick but easily diffused anger.

One interesting thing to note, is that, Moon Conjunct people are fiercely protective but value freedom soo much they might be careful not to be too obvious about it. This means they might arrange things or correct issues out of the sight of their loved ones. Making sure they “never know” they intervened on their behalf.

Moon Conjunct natives have superior reaction skills. In an emergency they are usually the calm collected one shouting out orders and getting panicked people out of the way. Their blunt manner is like that of a nurse on high alert, people instinctively do as they tell them to do.

Sports those of this sign might truly enjoy, are tennis and fencing, where this reactive cool would be quite beneficial.

There are a few concerning factors with this aspect. They are as follows:

Since those with this aspect are so reactive to stimuli, they might have considerable trouble ever completely relaxing themselves. Always giving off the impression of a perched bird ready to take wing on a moments notice.

This is generally as the result of a difficult environment whereby one of the childs parents (most often the mother) would create high alert tension for the children growing up. Feeling like they were always witnessing domestic explosions that made them quite nervous always being careful not to “set off” another episode.

As a direct result of this, the grown adult will find it very difficult to form a mellow environment with a calmer type of partner. Even minor arguments have the effect of a mine field to this native as their natural responses are somewhat unnaturally heightened. Sometimes those of this sign aspect find themselves creating conflict simply because it has become “normal” to them and thus much more familiar.

The strangest result of this growing up environment, is that in sexual intimacy, this native will be an extremely tender lover. They might rant and rave in the public setting in the manner they grew up in but, in the bedroom they are all the gentleness their home lacked. The passion they exhibit here is the strongest way they know how to express the inner needs that this environment might have stifled.

My advice: allow this native to rant and rave if he needs to, then firmly cart his ass off to bed, where his real feelings can be expressed and the reassurance he needs can be received.

Ps. (I volunteer as tribute!) :p


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