Moon Sextile Pluto

Those with this aspect seem quite fearless. They have such admirable confidence in their innate abilities and their intuitive acceptance of life’s difficulties makes for quite a breathtaking individual. In fact, these natives actually crave some form of challenge in their path. They find it makes succeeding at something even that much more rewarding.

Your intensity and determination is greatly respected by others but, some might find it a bit intimidating to be around one with such committed focus. Your manner is very straightforward and direct, expecting complete honesty, commitment and frankness from others, since you offer this so freely yourself. Those who are not these things, or choose to be less committed to their work, baffle and annoy you completely.

Your personal and intimate manner is quite sensual and emotional. You are a very good friend to have because you are quite perceptive and insightful.

You keep to daily habits for the most part, but you will sometimes purposely change your daily habits to keep from getting bored or predictable. You like a life of change and variety.

You have a natural sense of optimism, believing things will eventually work themselves out over time. You are quite secure and self-reliant, possessing an inner balance that assists you in maintaining your path to your goals. If this balance is upset it can take some adjustment to get back on track, but you actually don’t mind such moments, as they provide you with learning experiences you feel will aid you at some future time.

You sometimes appear a bit aloof and distant as your inner thoughts can cause preoccupation that creates a sort-of outer stillness which comes off a bit cold but, this is quite far from the truth. You are, in actuality, quite compassionate and loving in nature.

What causes this reaction or impression is your lack of dependence on others. Your habit is one of an intellectual appreciation rather than one more emotionally driven. You observe people and speculate about them privately rather than dissolving into the connection or intimacy. This allows you to see people on multiple levels. You like to contemplate behaviors and patterns and this helps in alerting you to changes in the atmosphere or information others might miss. 

All this means is that you focus on things around you. You see things more quickly and react responsibly to them. Your insight will find you the only one who anticipates an emotional need and silently provides for it, without anyone else possibly being aware of it.

This manner you have will find you providing a chair because you noted a woman was looking quite faint whilst everyone else was lost in the surrounding conversation or, noting a friend’s change in emotion that tells you that despite their gay laughter and display of frivolity that they are, in fact, deeply upset about some inner turmoil. Your insightful ability to distance your attention might just be what a trusted friend needs to open up and receive the much needed support they might have feared requesting.

This ability, far from being undesirable, is quite rare and precious. Those that might misunderstand this personal approach will miss out greatly on a soul quite mature and restful.

Those who do understand you will grow to depend on this quiet maturity. They will value you more highly because you embody these qualities that others display soo infrequently. This ability to see into and not just at a thing, is one of the most beautiful things about you.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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