Moon Sextile Uranus

Moon Sextile Uranus people are lively and active. They stand out from the crowd because, while they are engaging and interested in others, they are also somewhat detached. These natives feel a particularly strong need to be their own independent person. They can have some eccentric behaviors that while somewhat strange in nature, are just seen as an expression of their individuality and creativity. They are generally just accepted as being this way by others.

These natives love to explore and interact with the world. They generally have a large social circle of varying cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds and this suits their ever-changing inner personality quite well.

The relationship with the mother here is heightened and somewhat unusual. The relationship is one of unorthodox but highly interactive nature. This child, himself, is quite unique in his style of expression and his relationship with his mother while stranger than most, will generally work quite well for the person that he is.

He will have been encouraged to explore and question concepts and ideas at his leisure. This natives mother, by her own personality quirks, will have allowed him the unique opportunity to be open-minded and semi-detached from things he was focused upon. Thus, allowing him a different vantage-point from that of most children. He will gain an adult perspective at a very young age, as a result.

If this native ventures onto the internet, He will find it uniquely suited to his manner of connecting with people in a free-spirited or inquisitive manner.

He will benefit from meditation as he is quite intuitive and might even be psychically gifted. He might experience strong and life-changing dreams. In a waking-dream state he will receive many flashes of insight.

Although this native truly enjoys excitement and change, he will, eventually, feel a deep need to settle down with a family. For this placement it is advised to find a partner that matches his open-minded nature of interacting in life. He will find that the best partner for him is one that also maintains an inquisitive nature and an adaptability for change.

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