Moon Trine Chiron

With Moon Trine Chiron this native needs close intimacy as a constant in their life.

Their natural nurturing and sensitivity makes them very receptive to others peoples feelings. They need close bonds with others ( and more specifically, a lover) to make them feel secure. This bond is needed to offset such heightened sensitivity.

This natural empathic ability can make them the most popular among groups of other people and the preference for them will be clear.

They might not realise that they draw these people to them due to a natural ability to convey their empathy for anyone they meet. For most others this happens slowly, as they get to know people but, for a Moon Trine Chiron, this understanding of others on an emotional level is almost instantaneous from 1st contact.

This native is a romantic, a fact heightened by his Moon also being set in an extremely romantic sign (Cancer in love!) This makes for an amazing partner.

So, basically, this guy, he needs a strong emotional connection with someone. Intellectual isn’t enough. This guy needs a lover who knows his needs and connects with him on an almost spiritual level. He needs a tactile love. A connected love. A love that flows between them like water.

The reason this native needs an intimate base, is that any wounds they have internally, will draw like wounded to him. In order to help these wounded, he must be healed of these same wounds himself. It’s no good avoiding these wounded because his natural empathy is like a beacon. He needs to be loved thoroughly. So, thoroughly that he heals and becomes the strong healer he has inside him. Once this is accomplished, he will be a force of healing to all who encounter him. The lover he forms this bond with will be the most important person in his life.




Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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