Moon Trine Neptune

Those with this Aspect are rather more particularly drawn to creativity. They admire art, film, dance and cultural appreciation. In fact, many of these natives will go into careers that embrace these passionate areas.

These are people sensitive to their environment. They might delight in decorating their space and or create some the things they decorate with.

These are people who thrive on being around creativity.

Most often, those with Moon Trine or Sextile Neptune are quite warm and compassionate people with a social life that overflows with creative expression.

Some might not consider creating beauty as part of a spiritual path but, they would be wrong. For those with Moon Trine Neptune, providing others with film, art, and dance is their way of helping people to elevate their moods and ease their tensions. They see creating beauty as a means of reaching the souls and hearts of others.

TMW5T basically uses his talents to ease people of their troubles for a time and this allows them a much needed easing of their burden and a reminder of what they are fighting so hard for. Art, film and dance are creative pursuits that have an almost instant effect upon people emotionally and often provides a sort-of connection to each other through the shared experience.

Be on guard when creating however, as a distracted creative Moon in Neptune can sometimes forget, in their obsession with a new project, to continue to provide that same connection and easing of the heart for their loved ones and themselves. Being too self-centered can become an occupational hazard for these natives as they tap into their “muse” and close themselves off from their loved ones.

The best partner for those of this aspect, are partners who have quite independent interests of their own and who are relatively self-reliant. A partner that has similar artistic appreciation is quite helpful also.

Moon Trine Mercury natives are some of the gentlest, most romantic and passionate people and it’s no wonder so many celebrities have this aspect in their chart. Film, in particular, creates an allure for these natives, what with all the fantasy and glamour it promises. You will also find this aspect quite frequently in the charts of famous designers and artists.

Because these natives are so affected by their surroundings they might find themselves much more sensitive to the harsher sides of reality. They might find this sensitivity leading to depression or a reliance on drugs and alcohol as a crutch to alleviate this sensitivity.

To counter-act this negative behavior it is highly recommended for those with this aspect to become well acquainted with nature and plants as a way to remind themselves that natural beauty and joy exists even amid the harsher aspects of life.

Those with this aspect might be very tempted indeed to place their “chosen” lover on a pedestal. This will cause deep disappointed once that “God or goddess” begins to slip even slightly off their perch. This can gradually erode their connection over time if not kept in careful check.

To combat this tendency it would do this native quite well to focus on loving even the slightly quirky and human aspects of their romantic partner. Finding what makes their partner special simply as a part of their natural personality.


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