Neptune in the 3rd House

Dry facts are hard for this native to take in, therefore, traditional methods of learning won’t appeal as much as a hands-on or “specific to interest” training. This is a person who needs to see how the things he’s learning applies to what it is he wants to do.

This guy likes learning but sometimes little details can throw him. Like a phone number or directions that aren’t written down. His mind is going very fast which causes him to “zone out” and, as a result, little details can sometimes blow right on past him whilst he’s pondering bigger things.

If he gets into the habit of notating things he needs to ask about, he’ll get much better at requesting the information someone might have given (but he missed) and getting a repeat chance to save himself. Even better, if he requests such details be sent to him in text or email “just in case”.

This native needs to be particularly careful about others misunderstanding his often “encouraging” manner and assuming this means he’s “on board” with a project. Just because he puts others at ease with his enthusiasm for their ideas, doesn’t necessarily translate to wanting to join in on them.

Neptune in 3rd house is rarely one for immediate definitive decisions so he really needs to make certain others are aware of his methods and make it clear he’s not agreeing to a project until he’s signed on the dotted line indicating it’s a “Go”.

While Neptune in 3rd really loves chatting about ideas, he really hates the mundane parts. Like REALLY hates it. Boooooring.

Still, these details are very important and reading the fine print is even more important! If they don’t get into the habit of sorting through the forms and paperwork regularly they will definitely live to regret it. No, really..those paper piles will just get bigger…and more and more intimidating, the more they get put off.. and a few of them, could get expensive if ignored.

Leaving a lasting legacy will be very important to this native. They are the type that just wants to be remembered for contributing something to the world, no matter how small.

Neptune in the 3rd, you just draw people to you. It’s because your enthusiasm and effervescence is infectious. People love conversations with you because they never know what your going to say (or do) next!

You make the unknown future seem thrilling instead of frightening. Like an adventure instead of a risk. People look to you to get a better idea of what something could look like or become, your just that good at describing things out of thin air. It’s almost like they can see the images you are painting with words and hand gestures alone.

You’re an idealist. Which is only a problem if you keep applying these ideals to your daily life. It’s great to have vision but, vision doesn’t take out the garbage, feed the dog, or get the dishwasher repaired ok?! Take time to just be a norm once in awhile..yeah, I know…I know..boooring! But those little things are also bits of Don’t waste your life living for tomorrow’s ambition when you have many tiny accomplishments you could be celebrating right now, even if they aren’t exciting ones. Hey, getting all the dishes dry and put away deserves a tiny celebration too.

Neptune in 3rd house, you need to be approached a certain way to get truly excited by a project. If someone fails at making things “interesting” enough they will lose you..almost literally, as your mind will wander completely away from them mid-speech. Since this isn’t as acceptable in an adult as it might have been when you were a kid, you will need to work on methods to strengthen your attention span.

You lean on friends and family quite a lot and it’s quite a lucky thing you draw them in so easily,  as you are somewhat scatterbrained at times.

Despite some small details that could trip you up, Neptune in the 3rd house, you are actually quite fun to be around and..once you commit to doing all the small “unfun” bits, you’ll find that life isn’t dull for long..there is just too much you want to do!! And we like that about you!!












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