Neptune Sextile Ascendent

This native will be an amazing storyteller, if he can get around the difficulty he has expressing himself. People sometimes get the wrong impression of this guy because he struggles with sharing in words what is imagined within his mind. He can repeat others stories perfectly, it’s in editing and sharing his own where he stumbles.

He has an incredibly fertile imagination and a natural ease with telling the story itself, in fact he may embellish his stories (just a smidge) to make them more funny or witty with the retelling.  He might even (ahem) manufacture a few stories that aren’t actually true…per se..His obstacle lies in finding the right way to actually say what he wants to say in a beautiful and flowing manner off the cuff. He’s brilliant at reaching people’s emotions and engaging them, he’s truly magnetic.

He stumbles with how to introduce the story in a romantic or poetic fluidity. There is a natural ability to retell the story once he conquers his transition from mind to mouth, his problem is getting it from A to B.

If he embellishes too much he confuses people, if he goes into too many examples or relies too heavily on similar themes, he might end up going off on a tangent and forgetting what he was talking about in the first place.

The most amazing part of this ability is that as an actor, this dreamy imagination is truly a lovely quality that will very much feel like a perfect fit.

One side effect of this aspect, is that he will seem rather charming and innocent, possibly even somewhat passive.

This makes people assume he will not challenge them or give them any competition. That, of course, is where they are wrong. As we have seen with other aspects in his chart, he’s subtle about his power, but has hidden depth and amazing prowess.

This native may not be overtly threatening or aggressive, but that’s because he doesn’t feel the need to be, he doesn’t intimidate because he lacks the ability, he simply has no desire to show his hand until it’s time to do so. He doesn’t care for intimidation. He has a noble soul and making others feel challenged just isn’t his way.

This native is gentle and understanding which, to more aggressive types, doesn’t equate to strength. As a youngster these types might have made him feel like he was somewhat lacking, might even have caused him to compare himself unfavorably, but over time he will have learned that hot air blows even when the fire is no longer lit, or to be more specific, those intimidations are often the result of a lack, not an abundance of skill and talent.

This native will want to be vigilant about overriding his inclination towards self-pity or pouting when he fails at something.

It is never a good idea to compare himself to others. He isn’t like others and therefore will always assume he is lacking, simply because he doesn’t look or act the same way others do. He needs to acknowledge to himself that he is different, but no less talented or capable. On the contrary, being his unique self will make him even more noticeable and sought after than those who blend in and conform. He’s not meant for blending in. When he finally sees this as a strength he will cease to find himself wanting.


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