Neptune Sextile Pluto

(Shared aspect)

This aspect highlights natives who facilitate for change in the world. These folks don’t accept the statement “That’s the way we’ve always done it” They are for trying new solutions and creating new opportunities for the changing times.

These folks are also not the types to accept someone simply because they are a “friend-of-friend” each person is evaluated on their own merits.

These folks are not afraid to challenge tired or racist thinking. They will break things down, they will confront and reconstruct. What they definitely don’t do, is put up with systems, beliefs or mindsets that exclude others.

These most definitely aren’t separatist people. They believe in a world for everyone, not just the ones others want to accept because of an elite or superior paradigm.

These are the organizers and changers. Somewhat neat-freakish, these natives aren’t intimidated by paperwork, research, or complex strategies.

These natives will transform things: themselves, their communities and their world.

They have no end of ideas and they are mildly obsessed with new gadgets and creative solutions to the changing environment.

These are the ones you will find questioning things like single-use plastics, plastic straws, and other wasteful dangers to the environment.

The most revealing aspect of these natives is the way their minds work. For every belief, thought, and idea they will have carefully thought out and reasoned their argument. Their points will be clear and understandable.

They manage to take facts down to their basic elements and reveal with common sense exactly why a change must happen. It’s difficult to argue with them because their thinking doesn’t go one way. They look at every angle, every argument, every objection, until they see thinks very clearly. They aren’t impressed by money, fads or fashion. They don’t care for popularity or self-interests.

Because they want what’s best for humanity and the environment, they come at everything they do without bias. They have only one goal, that of what’s best for the planet and its people. They can’t be fooled by lazy arguments where facts aren’t the focus, they can and will remove every single objection systematically one-by-one until the stark truth is all that remains.

When I think of people with this aspect I think of situations where people are cluttering up the issue with emotional and defensive arguments and this native comes along and with a few straight and clear facts unhindered with emotion or defensiveness, and clears a path straight to the truth.

They often call people out on their biased thinking and prejudiced viewpoints, not leaving unspoken elephants in the room.

I totally love meeting people with this aspect because when I am confused by all the opinions on a topic they wade through and say the one thing everyone is avoiding admitting.




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