Numerous Chiron Aspects

Chiron and the Sun. This person feels a very strong sense of purpose. A task they feel they are meant to find and do while living this life. They have a strong creative ability which they foster within others. This native should make certain not to neglect their own creativity whilst assisting others in finding theirs. Be careful of being sensitive to criticism, it can only exist to make you grow.

Chiron and the Moon.  Chiron and Sun I mentioned being careful to feeling sensitive to criticism, here we have a habit of sensing  criticism where none exists. This native may have felt, whilst growing up, that others often wanted to be elsewhere when they were with him. This left a lasting scar that still feels tender to the touch. This native has a natural “mothering” method of healing others. They might want to guard against overdoing it though. People need to learn how to stand on their own, and sometimes even, how to get back up on their own as well. How else does one learn they can do it on their own?

Chiron and Mars:

Aggression and being assertive. Either over-the-top aggression or (more likely for this particular native) an extreme passivity. This is a coping mechanism out of fear of inadequacy. The native might turn to extreme passivity as a means to hide their inner rage and anxiety.

The best course of action for this inner rage is to channel it into something constructive as a means to “bleed the line.”  The best for this are sporting events or physical activity that releases the inner tension.

This native must find a balance between the need to prove themselves and the need to deal effectively with their fear of inadequacy.

Chiron and Neptune:

Negatively this can be a problem if the native is using fantasy and imagination to avoid a reality they don’t like. They either reject the mystical or over-do their curiosity to the point of needing to consult a psychic in order to make even simple decisions.

Once again, this guy needs balance.

There is a caution with this aspect that the avoidance of reality might take the guise of alcohol or drugs as a means to “numb” or “blur” the unpleasant inner pain. Only by embracing a spiritual path can this native avoid being a conduit to others who are similarly avoiding pain through the use of drugs and alcohol.

Chiton and Pluto:

This one is interesting. It creates the impression of benign presence when, in fact, there is a hidden force within that is not only powerful, but volcanic. This native has a domineering side that hides a fear of being made weak or helpless. Deep down they are terrified they will not be loved as themselves so there is a soft voice inside saying “I’ll make you love me!” The native must work extremely hard to recognise this aspect of themselves and consciously let themselves be vulnerable with one or two they can trust.

This powerful native is absolutely terrified of letting this inner powerful side of themselves out..they suppress it until, one day it bursts violently and emotionally out of them and scares them even more.

They need to practice dominating and being dominated in a constructive manner. Perhaps through a sport or activity that makes both domination and submission acceptable and beneficial (possibly even sexy)

This inner powerful side need not be considered bad. This can/ and often is a very sexy quality if handled correctly. There is nothing wrong with dominating so long as it’s done in a playful manner and with an eye towards communicating in a non-verbal manner such as, flirting.  Likewise, there is nothing wrong with testing the waters of letting go of the control and letting someone else lead.




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