Pallas in Scorpio

This guy! Both his Juno AND his Pallas in Scorpio AND both Juno AND Pallas in 3rd house!! Intense much??

Pallas represents how ones brain works, while Juno represents how the person commits and what they are most likely to commit to the most strongly.

3rd house basically covers communication, explorations,  creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits, and inclinations. It reveals your mental and creative aptitude. a nutshell 3rd house is the Juno/Pallas playground. Like I said “intense!”

Scorpio in Pallas sees through other peoples bullshit. They know what’s going on under the surface. They are often truly strong healers with a habit of getting right down to the tough truths of things. They are willing to try and learn just about everything! Hypnosis, Tantric sex, mandala, meditation. If it helps them understand something, they wanna try it.

They are fearless when it comes to facing danger. They take no prisoners. They use strategy and careful plotting to take down obstacles. They love a good mystery and their amazing insight gives them the crucial advantage in most situations.

With this placement you get a really deep person. They have wisdom and insight in abundance. They have that sense of “knowing”  most associated with Twin Flames and light-workers from a very young age. They have experienced much personal darkness and have a strong curiosity about what they see that others can’t.

Many wonder if the Scorpio in Pallas person has x-ray vision, they are that precise in getting at the truth. This sign, more that any other, understands the life-and-death truths. They see and understand it all, mostly because they have life experiences that forced them to become this way. These people aren’t to be messed with, they will own you simply by spilling your secrets, which they see as clearly as if looking into a mirror. Offend them at your own risk.


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