Pluto Conjunct Ascendent

This native is going to change shit. They will shake things up, they will bring things to light.

With Pluto involved with the Ascendent this native is going to be a force for change and evolution by using their resources to shed light on things.

The ascendent generally means this person is in the public eye. They have the opportunity to use this to the benefit of social change.

This native plays a crucial role in getting people to hear him and getting officials to support him.

Because this person conducts himself with constant dignity and authority, he cannot be easily dismissed when he speaks. Unlike others less well-known, this guy gains the attention of the public. His personal integrity and intellect are his greatest strengths in making people listen to what he has to say. He embodies what he is determined to create in the world.

He’s also sly. He’ll use every trick in the book to make certain the heat stays on the topic. Nope, you can’t distract him with fawning compliments. This guy isn’t fooled for a second by honeyed words. He wants action, he’ll get action.

He doesn’t mind a bit that he’s becoming irritating or annoying. Nope. He’ll use his magnetic charisma to great effect. He is a man who won’t tolerate abuse of others. The most awe-inspiring part of him, is that he isn’t putting on an act. He truly does care, very much, about the causes he takes up. He’s a walker of the walk, when he gets to talking the talk.

He isn’t perfect by any means, his honesty about this is humbling and this fact, actually endears him to others. He’s got an army of flawed people behind him and he knows just how to get them motivated.

This is also a native that takes the responsibility of his position very seriously. He has to be careful of his inner drive though, he’s got passion but needs to temper it, to prevent burning himself (or others assisting him) out.

This native should choose their enemies carefully as they might end up in a violent confrontation. He can bring out the best and worst qualities in others so quiet diplomacy is definitely needed.

This native isn’t overtly powerful. We have discussed this before. He doesn’t prance about or think of himself with a big ego. The fact that this native considers themselves just a servant of the will for change is all to the greater good. Power emanates from him. His inner watchful predator in full effect is quite breathtaking.

Those who have agendas or secrets will find themselves watchful around this native. They won’t quite know what it is, but they sense he can see into them, which is more than a little accurate.

He will be drawn to using this power constructively..(ah! Soo this explains the predominance of Virgo) by virtue of his other chart signs and aspects.

Even if this native is small in stature, he will feel large to others. If he is large in stature it will only add to his aura of magnetism.

People will react with either a complete feeling of security or alarm in this natives presence. He either excites them, or enrages them. That intense aura provokes both.

To be frank, this native is unmistakably unique. There is nobody like them, even others with the same aspect recognise this native as a force of nature.

There is a very good chance that this native will be remembered by all who encounter him his entire life. He is just that unusual.


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