Second house in Libra

This is a guy who senses his self-worth through his relationships with others. This can be a problem if he is always hiding who he really is in order to feel worthy of the people around him.

This would not be a sustainable thing because, at the heart, this guy needs to know he is valued for his true self. The he that isn’t always proper, or polite. The him that perhaps, isn’t as shiny as his projected image would have you believe.

This person might pick a mate that meets his financial and career requirements but, not his emotional ones. He can only truly do that if he drops his mask and learns that he is loved for his true authentic self. Warts and all. Mistakes and all.

If really badly positioned, this house in Libra could lead to a habit of viewing his loved one as a type of possession or asset instead of as a true person with thoughts and feelings.

Or he might even find himself trapped in a relationship with someone who expects him to be the person in the mask he wears and thus, becomes hemmed into a neverending cycle of pretend. which, honestly, would be deeply exhausting.

Of course, this is quite extreme and rather rare an occurrence, but it can be something to take care to be aware of.

The best solution to this situation is a careful practice of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Expressing self-love and learning to like the true person inside himself. Once he begins to embrace his own unique personality instead of the one that suits others, this person will slowly allow himself to drop his mask bit-by-bit until he is no longer projecting what he thinks others want and instead grows proud and appreciative of what his authentic self has to offer.

Certainly he will learn that some don’t like this “real” him ..but, then-again, that other person wasn’t truly him anyway and thus, the relationship was tainted with lies and painful experiences of never quite feeling loved for himself. He needs people who love him..not his persona.

On a personal note* I think TMW5T is often trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of him as a public figure and this puts a lot of pressure on him to be ALL the things people project him to be.

As for me. I like him as himself. I know him quite well from reading his chart so I know he is sometimes moody, short-tempered, defensive, obsessed, a workaholic, a bit nit-picky and extremely methodical. He’s also driven and figgity. He curses and is sometimes prone to irritation. These might not be his best traits but, they are him and the him that he is suits me just fine.

If he sometimes feels he must wear a mask, perhaps he could do with knowing that even flawed he has very beautiful qualities that make him worth knowing. He just needs to love himself first..then, he’ll not need others to validate him..he’ll already know he deserves the love he receives because the person who loves him first all-the-way-through is himself. ( He can ask me advice on this anytime! It took me absolute years to appreciate even my lesser qualities. Loving me was the best lesson I ever learned.)

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