South Node in Sagittarius

While North Node tends to reveal  things you want to focus on becoming. South Node tends to reveal areas that need a little work to overcome.

Sag in S. Node can have a habit of thinking a wee bit much of their own opinion. Thinking themselves to be, at times, morally superior in their views. Their beliefs are very strong and challenging them can be very vexing as they can get into a serious snit of stubborn refusal to consider changing their mind, once made up. If you are seeing a person with crossed arms and a little kid expression of “don’t want to and you can’t make me!” You pretty much have it dead on.

Because this guy loves learning and change this stubborn mindset often gets pushed aside in most working and playing areas however, privately in relationships, this little detail can cause no end of arguments.

Mostly because this guy is right often enough to fool himself into thinking this is ALWAYS the case. Newsflash honey! It isn’t.

Sometimes Sag in S. Mode just hasn’t contemplated their own personal beliefs in a very long time and hasn’t really noticed that right along with an ever changing them…their personal beliefs have also ceased to be helpful to them. Change has an annoying habit of always..well..changing stuff. Some beliefs that once served them no longer do.


Like, Sag in S Node once trusted this friend. (We’ll call him D). D has never lied to him..never. Soo loyal Sag in S. Node has never let anyone tell him that D didn’t have his best interests in mind. D has never let him down before..never. However, it’s been 10 years and D has changed since Sag in S. Node last saw him…and well..the change hasn’t been good. D is now down on his luck and has taken to lying to everyone. Our guy wants to trust D..but everyone tells him not to…our guy stubbornly refuses to listen. He trusts D. Then, 3 months later..D steals from him. Our Sag in S. Node is totally taken by surprise because he didn’t want to reevaluate his belief in D so, he keeps trusting D..even though D has clearly changed. 3 months later D again steals from Sag in S. Node. Lesson becomes very very hard to ignore now. Sag in S. Node gets really hurt. This is his S. Node stubbornness in full effect. Now Sag in S. Mode has a lot of friends mad at him for not listening to their advice,  a broken heart over his friend betraying him AND a feeling of loss that he can’t express because it was his own damned fault he didn’t listen. He’s a really sad sack now. Poor Sag in S. Node.

The good news is. Sag in South Node have people. People who love him. People who fight with him and for him. He has people. He has them because of his strong loyalty. The same guy who wouldn’t hear the truth about his friend changing, is also the guy who believes in people no matter what.

His biggest lesson therefore, is being true to himself and his heart but, also allowing that he might sometimes need to listen to others and actually consider that they might just see something he doesn’t. To realize that sometimes his past memories become like a stone he clings to and that sometimes he is clinging to it even though the river has dried up and he doesn’t need that stone anymore.

This new mindset will aid him when he can’t quite understand someone else’s reasons. He might think he’s always right but, he also might not have all the facts. He needs to learn to ask questions and really hear the answers without thinking he already knows the answers. Sometimes he needs to stop talking and start listening. Sag. In S. Node has a lot of great qualities and he’s frighteningly loyal. He just needs to check himself once in awhile.

Sag in S. Node loves to be surrounded by other cultures and experiences. They do need to learn to slow down a little..and to savor things. They don’t always do that..already plotting the next big thing. Savor. Savor. Pause. Pause.

Do yourself a favor Sag in. S. Node, take more breaks to just look and admire the view. You forget quite often to just stop in the present and just savor your life. It’s called the present because it’s a gift!

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