Sun Conjunct Mercury

( TMW5T and I share this aspect)

Since the Sun and Mercury are always less than 28 degrees apart, the only aspect possible between them, is that of a Conjunction.

Since the ego and mind are in alignment,  natives tend to be very active thinkers. Because of this they are actually their own worst enemy. Thinking things over instead of just letting things flow naturally. They apply logic and reason to something best left unanalyzed.

There will be great intelligence and accelerated communication skills. They might even grow quite prideful of the vast knowledge they have accumulated. The problem comes when they are so excited by a conversation that they stop listening to the other person and instead concentrate on what they want to share next. Getting ahead of the conversation and in some ways, missing the opportunity to hear another person’s thoughts on a subject. If they are mindful of this habit, they will go a long way towards improving their image in front of others. Yes, they have a lot to share and they are really excited by the topic, but if they work on active listening, they might find themselves learning new viewpoints on something they hadn’t considered.

These folks do much better in learning by reading the material and having a hands-on lesson then they do simply listening to others speak on the topic. This is because their racing minds get distracted and they miss vital information. Reading the material helps them to focus and reevaluate parts of the text they might have missed, not-to-mention the ability to jot down ideas as they occur to them.  It is very hard for these folks to passively listen to information. They are active communicators and as such, driven by a need to act or speak. This doesn’t get good reactions when they can’t help but speak up during a lesson.

These natives have very strong opinions and are independent thinkers. They really don’t care if their views are shared by others. They will share their opinions regardless. This can obviously lead to hurt feelings when others actively criticize or push aside their thoughts as wrong or unimportant. These are folks who have a need to feel “heard” even if they are not “understood” or “supported” .

These natives are truly expressive speakers. They get very animated with their discussions and when telling a story are very compelling and entertaining to those around them.



Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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