Sun Conjunct Pluto

People born under this aspect are undeniably intense. They radiate a kind of power that can be most easily identified in their gaze. It contains self-knowledge, an understanding of transformation, and the power of self-renewal. They are powerful and this is extremely magnetic and attractive to people around them.

These are people who transform themselves constantly. Sometimes out of need, sometimes out of desire, but mostly after deep self-analysis.

These folks hate being superficial. They don’t like chatter, they don’t enjoy repeat questions, and they absolutely hate being judged by old versions of themselves.

They see into people very easily. They know their motivations, agendas and secret goals with just a glance. This ability to see into people can hurt them if they look for dark secrets and selfish motives too often. They could come to see the world as a seedy place where the selfish and greedy thrive. They uncover truth but, don’t always want to see the truth when it is soo often dirty or callous.

They can become quite self-destructive wanting to uncover the motives of everyone but seeing only the dark aspects they have come to expect and none of the lighter kindnesses they miss because they are being dragged down in negativity.  They fear being taken advantage of, of being hurt or taken off guard or lied to. They can get caught up in an obsessive need to know everything. They begin to mistrust others. To feel they might be misled. They could end up feeling very much alone.

The result is, of course, self-fulfilling prophecy. Looking for proof to the exclusion of everything until they are proved right and can claim they knew all along. They experience relief from finally proving their suspicions. They need to consciously work on this tendency to seek out the negativity.

More than anything these natives fear “not knowing” and end up pushing people away from them. The term “too good to be true” haunts them.

The root of it is, of course, fear of trust. They fear being hurt soo much they become their own monster of distrust and pain.

The best thing this native can do is accept this self-destructive habit of theirs and slowly begin to open themselves up to letting go of things in their life that prevent forward momentum.

They might even find themselves helping others by using their skills in counseling others. This helps them see that even the dark and vulnerable parts of a person has value if it leads to change. Letting themselves see others less black & white and more grey truly helps them stop the cycle of expecting the worst in people. Compassion is their saving grace.

In areas of sex, those with this aspect are transformed by physical contact. They have great sexual vitality and attach great meaning to the way they are touched and pleasured. A giving and tactile partner will transform them in ways talking fails. The orgasm itself is intensely felt. They are healed through sex. They are more open and reachable. More than any other native, this native communicates their deepest self while engaging in physical intimacy.


Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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