Sun Opposite Chiron

With Chiron in hard aspect it tends to mess with your creativity..or at least, your way of expressing it. There is a shyness there. Like a small child wanting to show you their painting but horribly afraid you will laugh at them.

As a kid, at least when very small, this guy acted out in school to cover his apprehensions. There is a small fear that carries into adulthood that manifests as nervousness about their performance. They work harder than anyone else, to prove they can do it. Secretly very worried they will be under-prepared and open to criticism.

The beautiful side of this is an ability within them that comes from this fear. The ability to foster others and inspire them. Strong Chiron in the aspect directs itself towards instructing others and offering friendly and sincere advice. The downside is that they offer it to others but, rarely to themselves. They would truly do well to remember they are amazing and worth their praise too.

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