Sun Sextile Moon

(TMW5T and I share this particular aspect.)

With Sun in Sextile with one’s Moon, this person’s wants and emotions are at peace with one another. They are rather balanced emotionally and “get along” very well with themselves and others.

For the most part, this is a person without inner conflict with regards to accepting their personal emotional nature. This is one who naturally exudes a sense of harmony and contentment with who they are at their core. This is something that draws others to them.

People sense that they are exactly whom they seem to be (and they are) because they see no reason not to freely accept who they are and how they feel.

This inner harmony is very magnetic to others. Many feel this is an indication of an old soul, or one who has lived more than one past life.

Those with this aspect seem very self-confident and self-assured. This makes them easy to deal with on many levels. They don’t have hidden agendas. They just seem completely at ease within themselves. They put others at ease.

These natives may be so content, in fact, that they are thrown off guard by conflict. They might avoid confrontation wanting to keep to a “live and let live” way of behaving.

They might even come to fear conflict because it goes against their natural pattern of living. Others disjointed or recklessly selfish behavior may upset them or deeply frustrate them. They honor and respect the finer qualities of kindness, acceptance, fairness and respect for others to the point that anyone who exhibit a lack of these qualities will be avoided or rejected outright from the close-knit community that surrounds this native.

In fact, their tribe will often close ranks around this person as a shield to protect this fragile and much appreciated quality they greatly admire and rely upon to make life feel just a touch more sweet.

These natives don’t tend toward a hard-nosed approach to success. They like the idea of rising with others, rather than thinking of themselves alone.

Because their goals and their needs are in perfect harmony they have less internal conflict with regards to challenges. They see setbacks as experience and lessons. They don’t much mind if their needs and their goals are different as long as they can figure out a way to make both work in a kind of compromise.

Example: They want to be with their mate but their career goals take them away from home quite often. Their harmonious compromise might be to do live chats, texts, or update vids frequently whilst away in order to keep connected with their loved ones until they can return home again.

This type of balancing happens for them quite naturally. There is a can I solve the conflict. Solution found..done.

Those learning about this aspect must be careful not to make an assumption that this native is too compromising.

In fact, though they might be very accepting, they are also quite strong-willed.  The reason  they can be so accepting. Is that they instinctively know exactly what they will and will not compromise on in their core values.

One area the native must be careful is in thinking that just because they are at peace with what they want, that they believe should get what they want..just because they want it. Complacency is also something they might hear complaints about from those in a relationship with them. They are soo content that they forget, at times, to seek new challenges for themselves.

These natives know how to work for and not against their nature. Who they are is well-understood and thus, this native knows what approaches work for them.

These natives don’t look for trouble and as such, rarely ever encounter any.

The thing is..they are so highly valued for their accepting and harmonious personality that others will, in fact, find themselves moving obstacles from the natives path without the native even becoming aware of it. This native’s biggest drawback is that they aren’t comfortable taking sides when those around them begin disagreeing. They will attempt to get everyone back together even when a little conflict is needed in order to clear the air and allow people to work out problems in a more explosive manner of expression.

For the most part, this native is one others instinctively enjoy being around because they are so calming in temperament.

This natives best trait is in confronting their own inner blocks. They confront themselves frequently and make quick work of any negativity that might stand in the way of their inner balance and pleasant outlook on life.



Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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