Sun Sextile Neptune

Those born with this aspect have a dreamy, sensitive and mysterious side that is apparent to all who see them. They are drawn to the arts, to music, to stories told with passion and humor.

Neptune is connection and the Sun is ego, and a harmonious aspect between them softens all the harder aspects found on their chart. These are people who feel a bit otherworldly and wise to truths others cannot even comprehend.

This softness changes them. They are more sensitive, more spiritually tuned, more emotionally aware. They are naturally kind and compassionate.

Those with Trine feel it stronger but, the Sextile can tap into it, this understanding that there is more to things than meets ones eyes. There is connection and it humbles them. Spirituality is like breathing in and breathing out for them.

They know that not everyone is spiritually inclined, that not everyone feels the beauty of things quite as strongly as they do. They are naturally in tune with something unseen and unexplainably spiritual.

They probably noticed they were different as a child. That others didn’t quite understand what they meant when they spoke of the love and the beauty of things living and alive.

Those with this aspect often turn to careers and hobbies that manifest things physically for others as an attempt to connect them to what they already understand. Musicians, artists, painters, writers. Those sensitive to suffering and need.  To pain and feelings of loneliness.

These natives have a very special bond with animals. These are not assertive people, these are humanitarians naturally gifted with an understanding of the deeper feelings in things unspoken.


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