Third house in Scorpio

3rd house in Scorpio is never easy. This is a mind that goes quite deep. He has a very dark humor that sometimes seems a bit depressed. This house is good when a scientific approach-clinical and slightly detached- is needed..but, really hard on the emotional and heart levels. Basically, this guy needs to laugh more. He needs balance and having a lot of optimistic types surrounding him would help do that very well.

There is nothing wrong with having a strong personality..he just needs to be reminded that even though the dark and depressing exists…so too does light and cheerful.

Personal note* This guy needs to learn my especial skill in butt-dancing and my daily ritual of dancing the sillies out. (Try Anything by Shakira and Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake to name a few of my favorite bedroom dance parties)

I have quite a lot of experience with Scorpios. They just need extra hugs and lots of goofy moments to keep them in balance.

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