Uranus Conjunct Pluto

Anytime this aspect comes up, it affects an entire generation of people, rather than just this one person. Seeing as this aspect is from the year of birth and not specific day or time of birth. It will therefore, resonate for a group instead of a single personality.

This particular conjunction within the generational aspect,  is, however, rather rare. The last appearance of this particular conjunction was in 1848, a time of great social change and revolution in Europe and America. The aspect was also felt between 1963-1968. A time of great social shift with the 60s movement for peace.

Therefore, it isn’t hard to conjecture that there will again be such movements in this natives lifetime and that many that seek this change will have the Conjunction aspect present in their chart. Those with this conjunction at a 3° ratio or lower,  in particular, will have great leanings toward a leadership role during this time.

This is a non-traditional thinker. An individual with a need for independence and freedom of their convictions.

This is an individual that needs freedom within their relationships. They have a need to feel free to be the person they are without restriction of their ability to live as they want to live. They would do best to have an open-minded mate.

This native has a feeling of nervous tension an inability to sit still without movement of some kind. They feel a need for stimulation. They don’t like being bored and they really really don’t like being told what to do.

Due to this individual also having Uranus Conjunct the Ascendent we encounter a native who must come to grips with being slightly different from the norm. They have unique and different ways. They are capable of amazing creativity and construction. This native cannot hide that there is something about them that isn’t like anyone else. It’s part of their skin and bones. It’s in the way they move, the way they think, the way they are. People will look to them for inspiration and model themselves after this person, wanting to emulate the magnetic influence they exhibit however unconsciously.

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