Uranus Sextile Neptune

The native with this placement is a bit of a rebel. They don’t like control placed on themselves or other people.

They believe in truth, honesty, and fair play. They also don’t believe government stands for these things. They have an inner conviction that the job of government is to serve the people, not to serve their own selfish desires.

This is no shrinking violet when it comes to personal freedom. Theirs and that of other people. This is a forward-thinking, intelligent, and very driven individual.

The word activist comes to mind here. This is a native years ahead of their peers in the area of forward-thinking and social responsibilities. If you ask them what needs to change to maintain peace, be prepared for a long conversation of very insightful and intelligent dialog. They won’t just talk about change, they will already have considered specific requirements and workable plans. They might even pull out blue-prints and flow charts. If social change and reform is near and dear to this natives heart, you will find they don’t just spend a small amount if time considering it. It might be a secret hobby, but it will be a thoroughly considered and plotted one!


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