Venus Sextile Jupiter

These people are just plain nice. They care about people, see the world as a place to laugh and love extravagantly, and never pass up the chance to assist others.

They can sometimes overdo it in extravagant behaviour, but their easygoing and cheerful manner softens the way for them for the most part.  They sometimes spend too much, but generally know when they are reaching the financial uh-oh line, and navigate it like a pro.

These natives don’t need prompting to be a good neighbor, they just are without thinking about it, and this gains them quiet appreciation from others.

This is a native that thrives on playfulness. It makes them feel happy and content within themselves. They like feeling part of a community of humankind.

These guys don’t understand overly serious approaches to happiness. They believe in growth. With growth, they ascertain, things will progress the way they should. They are actually quite well known for offering support to others who are looking to grow themselves, both in life and in career.

These folks are so at ease with themselves and others, and so comfortingly outgoing, they greatly increase their circle simply because people like the vibe they carry around with them like a back pack.

This native has time for people. They set aside anything and everything for others. One would think this results in them getting very little done, but in fact, this aspect of themselves is how they succeed. It isn’t all about sweat, sometimes it’s about being present and actively engaging others.

They have a wonderful sense of balance. They situate their needs around their life and not the other way around. People, for these natives, are a vital need, and therefore, they find the time to embrace the people around them. Tasks can wait, bills can keep, but people..people are the center of this natives life.

These folks are wise, empathic, and quite adept at saying the right thing at exactly the right time. They are easygoing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t broach the hard topics, to be more accurate, they know when and how to say what needs to be said and move on from there. They don’t dwell on what they have said, they just let it take root and grow or not grow as it will within the other person.

This native is often the one people listen to by the simple fact that they aren’t preachy about it. They say their piece and go about their business, as a result, when they speak people actually tend to listen. Even pessimists find it hard not to find hope in such a matter-of-fact simplicity. This native doesn’t dwell on darkness. They are like sunshine to a lonely plant.

This native will probably be popular with people. At the core of themselves they are just kind, sweet souls who love life and love living it. This makes them well-known and much loved by others. A career that embraces their love of being social is perfect. They will be noticed by others no matter what they do, they might as well make money at it.

This native is the very essence of social butterfly. They will have many, many interests. They will probably enjoy a career where doing multiple abd varied things is a natural aspect of the job. They don’t like to settle on just one career so doing a variety of them is a perfect solution.





Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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