Virgo Rising

Ok. Soo here we see TMW5T is a Virgo from his Sun to his Rising. What does that mean? It means, that he will be pretty consistently himself throughout his life. No huge changes in personality as he gets older.

See, your Sun is the person you are when you are born, who people see whenever they look at you. Your Moon is who you are privately and emotionally. Rising is who you are growing into as you age.. Your rising sign (get it?)

Therefore, this guy? He’s pretty set in who he is..which is perfectly fine with me. I kinda like him just as he is.

With his Virgo Rising there are some things that are even more solidified for him however. Things that combined with his Virgo Sun, makes him even more of Something something..I’ll be talking about that “something” now.

Virgo Rising and Virgo Sun means this guy is reserved, understated, and somewhat shy. He’s not flashy. He’s not about being the noisiest person in the room. He’s not the type to jump feet first into a room. He’s the one that stands silently off-to-the-side observing first. Taking in the details and analysing the mood.

This guy is also very much in tune with his body. Any twitch or twinge and he’s all over it. Virgo Rising care about their physical health. They might even enjoy learning Yoga and Meditation. Things that allow them to commune with the body and the mind. He will probably not admit it but, he pays attention to current health information. Might even try out a new food craze just to see how his body responds.

This body awareness also includes what he puts into his body, namely food. This sign can be kinda picky about what they will and won’t eat. Virgo Rising are also kinda careful about what they use on their skin too.

Ok, gonna be honest. This guy is a worrywart. He likes change and learning more than most people (an understatement I assure you!) But, if given too much time..he’s gonna pick at the details and fret. He’ll check and recheck..and then, check again..just once more.

Any new situation will find him closely observing for clues, hints, and holes. He’s a man who likes change but he takes no chances. He won’t act until he’s certain about how he wants to approach the thing.

Once he’s completely memorized every single detail, he’ll pick apart the thing and put it back together again..but, this time it will be put together better than it started out..much to the exasperation of others. Because his picky slowness sure can be annoying to wait on…but the fucker always turns out with something better when he’s done with it. Sigh** so, you can’t even get mad at him for taking sooooo long to finish. (Dammit!)

Virgo Rising attracts people who need his help. His interactions with others can therefore, get…kinda..well..complicated. Things can get messy and cluttered and and and.. (Whoosh!) He stands at the center of a maelstrom and tries to calmly request a bit of a second here..he’s thinking.

There is a quiet twinkle that travels around with Virgo Rising. It shows up when they grow comfortable. It’s almost childlike and vulnerable. It subconsciously makes people feel protective and enchanted and and and…they want to stand near that twinkle because it’s kinda nice. It’s kinda sweet and somewhat lovely. You can’t explain it think maybe you kinda love this guys face around you. This guy who stands slightly apart but still manages to be very present. He has a tendency to speak about much but not really about himself.

This guy who is somewhat surprisingly insightful about soo many things but doesn’t feel like he’s all that important. This guy. He’s somewhat special.

Ascendent tends to show up when in a new environment. It’s our default mode when entering unknown territory. It’s a natural defense and coping mechanism. How we react to surprises and challenges we didn’t expect. It’s our first natural reaction to something unexpected or new.

The way a person responds to new things is completely dependant upon the sign the ascendent falls into, what planets interact with it and what planet rules that sign. In this case, we have a Virgo Rising with Mercury in Virgo.

This is a clear and logical thinking mind. A mind that sees and analyzes everything. This guy not only focuses on the tree instead of the forest, he also forgets everything but the trees bark. He gets soo easily lost in details, problems, and imperfections that sometimes he needs to be pulled out of his blue funk and made to see the bigger beautiful picture. Maybe the bark isn’t perfect but, that imperfection can’t be seen if it’s surrounded by soo soo many mighty trees of tremendous beauty!


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