Argh! Argh! And well, Argh!

A week without working, for a Capricorn (and myself in particular) is agony. I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home type but, I would have to be the stay-at-home type with stuff to do. I can’t do nothing. Doing nothing makes me cringe. Sigh** Having no money sucks. My inner Cappy is frustrated by my lacking savings account (I used it for the move..the horror!!)

I can’t start work until my background check clears. My manager says probably Sunday will be my first day. Argh!!!!!!

Thus far I have,

Cleaned and unpacked every single box I ever owned. Decorated my walls with all the art it can stand, pre-made meals for next week, charted the patterns off my phone onto graph paper for easier sewing (I don’t yet have a printer..don’t laugh), and posted 3 new pages research notes into my astrology notebook.

For the love of all that is contentment..get me to work please!!

I am no longer a fan of my own company.


Ps. After work I’m going to have to walk the last 20 minutes home in the dark since I get out of work at 10 pm. It’s not a new thing (I did the same going to work at my last job)  I just hate the unfamiliarity of the terrain. I think I’ll test run it tonight.

Ps. Argh!!

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