I have a decision to make, only I don’t know what it is..yet.

I asked the Tarot to show me my next upcoming life decision as a 2 path reading.

To one side comes the King of Swords and to the other side the King of Wands. Now, let’s be clear, I didn’t ask a romantic question. I asked about my next big decision. Somehow whatever path I choose, there is an interaction with someone on each path. The interesting bit, is that in each reading I do, they often come up, but never along the same path. Therefore, I think the person represented by each card must have a pivotal role in what fate has in store for me.

Now, Kings in tarot can be either male or female so what I have to go on is personality type.

Now, the plot thickens…recently an old friend has come back into my life. I’m pretty sure my friend is the King of Swords (without going into detail he fits the personality description). So, the first possible future must have something to do with him. We were working on a collaboration for a book so I am greatly intriqued by the possibilities.

Does this mean the King of Wands is coming into play soon also? Why would this other person affect my future path with King of Swords? Does this reflect a possible creative future or something else? I’m terribly confused but hopeful that this means something creative or, something that leads to forward movement in my personal journey.

King of Wands..who are you?

Here’s today’s reading:


Wanna see me blow your mind?

I wrote and posted the writing portion of this BEFORE I did the reading, which I added afterwards….freaky.

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