Daily log

Currently reading: Swan for the Money by Donna Andrews. (On Chapter 11)

Currently watching: My Secret Hotel (K drama) on Viki. (On episode 6)

# of Hair issues: 5 This hair is curling like mad from the heat. (Silent scream)

Glasses of water drunk: 2-32 ounce bottles.

Hours slept: 6

Curse words uttered: um…6

Weirdest thought of the day:

Wanting feet I can swap out for fresh ones when they start to hurt. What color car I’d be drawn to if I bought one. (Answer was blue)

Feeling: very sleepy.

Weather outside: 86% heat with 70% chance of rain (it didn’t)

Chatted with: Ryan, Cindy, Merlyn and Shirley.

Today I: Assisted the sweetest old man who asked for the cart I was bringing in as he uses it for leverage coming into the store. What a sweet disposition he had. Very polite. I’ve encountered him before..Analysis: Total sweetie.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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