Daily Log

Currently reading: Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews

Currently watching: My Secret Hotel Ep. 9 (annoyed by the new direction the program is going toward..meh!)

#of hair issues: 2 Hat’s are the great equalisers.

Glasses of water drunk:

3-32oz bottles. Booyah!

Hours slept: 7

Curse words uttered: Um…37. It’s the beginning of the weekend and people are crazy in the parking lot.

Weirdest thought of the day:

I would totally suck at installing tires. (As a result of “spotting” for tires for 3 hours..it was incredibly boring but I learned all about changing, balancing, rotating and patching tires.

Tires made me tired.

Feeling: sore. My right foot is having issues. Shay suggested epsom salts. Looking forward to my Sun/Mon off.

Weather outside:

Really hot and sweaty. I drank lots of water and I’m slowly getting my farmers tan back. Yay…sort of.

Side note: I burn about 3,500 calories a day which actually equals a pound. I might need to look into buying new work clothes.

Chatted with: Julius (Tire guy), Ryan, Clint, Shelly, Merlynn, Shirley and Sara. 🙂

Today I: Had to wait 6 hours for my lunch break but, I learned all about Tire installation.




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