Daily doings

I slept in like a sloth. My dreams were interesting, in that, I was taking photographs of everything I dreamt about and, upon waking, was quite sad to realize the photos don’t actually exist.

I convinced my body that yes, it did want to get up. Then got dressed (short shorts and a sleeve-less tank) and ambled over to the bank to deposit my very 1st check from work (the mind-numbing amount of effort it took to get my direct deposit set up, through work, was startling. They skipped my on-boarding process since I’ve done the job before and, apparently, there were like 16 required forms I had to clear out before the system would allow me to complete my W4 and direct deposit set-ups. No-to-mention, the need to change my address from old to current. Phew!)

After the bank I stopped at the store and bought sandwich makings, Hamburger Helper, frozen french fries and oddly enough, canned corn.

I got home and checked my bank account (I’m so compulsive I swear! I check my account 20 times a day!) And discovered that I f-ed up and paid for my cell bill manually, when it was set for an Auto-payment, and they basically (with my idiot help) charged me twice. Sonofabitch!! Oh, and they don’t do refunds..nope..they apply a credit to your account. Helpful…NOT!!

I played Sims4 for a total of 20 min (my attention span for games these days is non-existent) and then made a lunch (is it still called lunch if it’s 2 pm?) of chicken fingers, fries and applesauce (Yes, I do eat like a 4 year old..thanks for asking!)

I started reading and fell asleep for 2 hours (that was kinda weird)

And now, here I am…staring at the screen.

Yup. My day off is a riot of activity people!

Try not to get whip-lash from all the busy.




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I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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