Top 5 things NOT to say to a cart attendant

1. Saying to the (Female) Cart attendant. “Shouldn’t they have some guys doing this?”

I know it’s probably obvious to most but, asking this question is totally sexist and a bit condescending. Most people would be very insulted if someone insinuated that another person should be doing their job.  Please, don’t assume someone can’t handle a job just because they are female and working a physically demanding position. There are plenty of physically demanding jobs in the world. Policework, firefighting, waitressing and cooking (to name just a few). Just because a job takes physical effort does NOT mean that only men should be doing them. Plenty of people would take offense at someone suggesting they aren’t the right sex to do their job. Cart pushing is no exception.

2. Don’t you hate being in the  (heat, rain, snow) ?

Of course nobody loves being hot, cold, or wet for long periods of time..but, cart attendants are use to the elements from working in them frequently, and quite prepared for them with proper equipment and clothing. Frequently hearing this said by someone wearing a “poor you” expression, can get somewhat annoying. Sorry, but it is. In fact,  it’s probably more annoying than the weather itself..because it’s repeated by EVERYONE they see the entire day long.

3. Want one more? (Smirk smirk)

When you see a cart attendant with 8-10 carts in a stack they aren’t really grateful for you adding another one on. In fact, they probably took more than they should have, in an attempt to get the job done more quickly. Your extra cart adds even more strain on an already heavy load..besides, making it sound like you are doing them a favor and not the truth, (which is that you are actually just too lazy to walk the extra 40 feet to the cart return) isn’t really……all.

4 Do you mind if I leave this in the cart?

Leaving cart-wipes, hangers, trash, unused boxes and other unwanted items in the cart and asking the attendant to dispose of it is really..well..kinda rude. Especially partially consumed or melted food containers. It’s kinda gross and lacking in manners to expect the attendants to stop all their work in order to deal with the stuff you left behind. Most of the time, they are out in a parkinglot with nothing to put these things in, other than leaving the stuff in the cart and trying not to get it all over the other carts as they attempt (generally badly) to keep that carts contents separate to sort from all the other carts once they get to the loading area. Remember, they are nesting anywhere from 8-10 carts into one another which makes reaching into a specific one almost impossible without having to separate and restack each cart once reaching the loading zone. Be polite. Nobody wants to deal with the dirty sample container, cart wipe, soda cup you left behind just because you don’t want it anymore. They have trashcans at the exit doors for just this reason. Stop and consider your leftover trash before you push your cart all the way to the car.

5 Ok. This one isn’t something not to say..this one is something not to DO, but I’m including it because it’s really, really important!!!

Please don’t forget that cart attendants want to live. Customers backing up without looking first is the #1 thing that frightens cart attendants.

It’s dangerous to the attendant and it can cause horrible damage to your car.

Carts don’t come with breaks. You know this from dealing with just one of the little monsters right?

Now, imagine what it’s like trying to stop 8-10 stacked one into the other and rolling forward with only the attendants physical hold  keeping it from deviating from its correct trajectory. Now, imagine the fear that fills the attendants heart when you pull out without any notice. Imagine their heart leaping as they frantically try to stop the carts from rolling. 8-10 carts don’t just stop like that..they like to pull apart and roll impetuously forward. In the best case scenario only the cart gets hit..but, in the worst case…the carts, (and possibly your car) ram into the attendant and cause them physical harm and or death.

It’s annoying to deal with people passing behind you when you are trying to pull out of a space, I get it! Honest, I do. The best method is to 1# Pause after starting the car. The attendants will be looking for taillights as warning that you are backing or preparing to back. You’d be surprised how many people don’t pause..they just start the car and Vroom!

#2 Back up a little at a time. This gives anyone who missed the telltale taillight warning a chance to push past your car with the cart-load, or adjust the cart trajectory so that they are angle sliding away from your vehicle. Every cart handler learns this technique over time and experience. Trust me, they don’t want to hit you either!




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