Let the plotting begin

I have plans, plans, plans!

On the work front. Work is good. The last two days were challenging (not gonna lie) due to endless rain. Nobody enjoys wet undies ok! Nonetheless, I overcame and conquered (because I rock that’s why!)  and greatly look forward to tomorrow’s paycheck. I really realllllly hope my winter boots and rain boots get here soon. Sigh* I’m impatiently waiting on the shipping.

Since there are 3 pay periods in October, I am totally going for it and buying a few things I need to help make my livingroom look (mostly) complete. Those items being a leather storage ottoman, (Country Door) and an area rug in blue and cream (Wayfair) underneath it.

The only other pieces I need are another side chair, and a sturdy bookcase (my books are out of control!!) Oh! and I need a damned step-stool to finally get my blackout curtains up. Using my caneback grandaddy of a chair is soo not an option! He’s lovable, that chair, but totally not stand-worthy or weight supportive.

My friend M, convinced me to store my tv in the closet and pull my dresser out and put it in the place of honor. My tv isn’t being used right now since I need a Firestick to operate it the way I want (I kinda miss my sisters Alexa unit) which is to say, watch Viki, Hulu, and YouTube and very little else.

I gotta admit it..he was right. My big antique dresser looks much more homey and warm in the space.

Then there is my art lust. I have begun my art card selections and the fox woodcut print (I mentioned on here previously) is the first piece toward that goal. I am still totally in love with it. Completely and rather oddly attached really.  The lovefest is real!

My apartment theme seems to be somewhat country transitional with a dollop of Mexican meets Asian. You may scoff, but it has a warmth and cheerfulness that makes my inner decorator terribly pleased with herself.

My color scheme seems to be cream, brown, tan, blue, teal and green. I have wooden bowls, Buddha statues, Mexican blankets, woodcut art and lots of candles. I also tossed in a bit of bamboo and wrought iron just for funzees.

My kitchen (tiny as it is) will probably feature my love of fiestaware and art glass.

My bathroom is going to have my sea/beach theme. I have a mermaid that lives in there and a rather interesting ombre shower curtain. Teal and shades of blue and tan live in there.

Sooo yeah, plotting. I am really kinda excited.

I was soo pleased with how the journal worked out, I am going to translate all my posts from this year and 2017 as well.

Anyway. I’ve been busy making my little studio apartment into my home. I’ll post pics when I’m done.

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