Sunday shopping

I woke up and immediately felt the urge to get my grocery shopping done. I made a list and tossed my calculator into my backpack. I also grabbed my smallest piece of roller luggage. It may look strange to others seeing me,  but that lil sucker lets me buy more groceries than I could without it (not-to-mention I live 4 blocks from the store)

It went pretty well. I bought only a few luxury items (Brownie mix and Drumstick cones) but mostly sensible proper adult purchases (canned veggies, cereal, soup and bagels)

The canned goods and pasta sauce were on sale so, I ended up being very glad I brought that luggage..( holy heavy!)

I chatted with Shay for an hour, after I got home. She and I have a total blast whenever we talk. I find that I curse a bit more when I chat with Shay…lol. (I guess my inner grouch has a potty mouth)

I finally bought some tongs and a proper oven mitt. My recounting of my attempts to get a frozen pizza out of the oven using only 2 spatulas (one in each hand) and lots of fervent prayer, had Shay in near hysterics. I’m pretty sure that, at the time, I resembled a cartoon character.

Just finished eating some yogurt and an orange for brekkie. I informed Shay that she, and only she, is responsible for my. Iced coffee (with creamer) addiction. She countered with the K drama addiction I created within her.(oops!) I kinda resemble that remark.

Next up: Some book-on-tape and sewing.




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