Books and beautification


I’m planning on buying this rug. I think it will look quite nice with the curtains I just finished hanging. I got told off by Kazza when I revealed I’d used a rather unsteady chair to perch on whilst hanging them ( I really REALLY need to buy a step-stool) She only forgave me when I swore I’d Never never ever do so again.


These are the two books I have been inhaling while I sew. Quite brilliant storytelling. I wish I’d written them, they are THAT good.

I do soooo love clever AND funny contained in one book simultaneously.

I’m completely knackered from the cold weather. My fibro isn’t being very co-operative thus far this month.

Got home to find a surprise packet from Anne in my mailbox. It turned out to be the most adorable tea towel (the kind you hang, not the kind you use) the second of such I’ve received from Anne. The first (received 2-3 years ago) has all the birds of England on it and it hangs on my kitchen wall.

I’ll post a photo tomorrow. I love it to absolute bits!!

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