I went home early last night. I felt like I had razors in my stomach, not sure what was up but I sure slept like the dead. In about 45 min I’m going to work my Saturday shift. I hope that feeling doesn’t come back.

I’ll be working on my Astrology notebook after I get home (10:30-ish) I plan to make a late night of it and stay up into the wee hours of morning. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my projects.

Soo..the plan for my days off will go thusly,

Notebook Astrology
Sewing projects
Writing projects


Lots of prep work for Christmas…most of it only in my head. (I wouldn’t usually start this early but Z is coming this year and I need a budget plan..I literally have 0 decorations and such. I need a tree MAN!!) plus, I need to figure out the plane ticket cost and budget for that as well.

Don’t get stressed on my behalf..for a Cappi this is the fun stuff!



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