What the fashionable cars are wearing this season

I’m laughing really hard. I was contemplating cars in the parking-lot tonight and my weird brain thought “I wonder if they sell kits to make your car look like Mr Mustachio”. I then amused myself picturing all the cars with Mr Monopoly Monocles. I decided to google it and find out if such a thing exists.

I assumed they did not because, well..

Bekki thoughts are often

um….well…generally only I find many of my thoughts funny or possible..

so imagine my startled reaction to find that they did an article on it for Car and Driver (as a joke) in 2014.

The photo below is proof….A Ghost with a Monocle. The only and best car for monacle wearing…in my humble opinion.



Check the link below to see the other cars (in the article I found online)


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