Even though I have to work today, I’m kinda looking forward to it!

Today, is Halloween in my store. Kids get to come in between 10-2 and Trick-or-treat AND employees are dressing up in costume. I can’t dress up, sadly, given that I push carts (a ghost pushing carts does cause a giggle thought though) but I will be giving out candy.

Happiness in abundance!!!!! That’s my favorite part of Halloween! 🎃 I love handing out candy. Kids are definitely my Achilles heel. Every single time. I love kids and being kid-like. When I’m around children I turn into one. Lol

Soo..I gots my back-pack full of candy and I’m ready! Y’all know I’ll probably also trick-or-treat the adults too right?

Who am I to stand in the way of grown adults acting like kids eh?

I, myself, am actually a kid in disguise as an adult. (Shhh..don’t’s a secret!)

Oh..AND they are providing us with lunch from Lindy’s! They make the best subs! Nom nom nom.



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