I got this!

Christmas budgeting completed. Phew! That was hairy. I had to figure out a way to pay for Z’s plane ticket, Z’s Christmas presents, and Christmas decorations for my apartment (that includes a tree!)

I did it! I’m going to need to wait and buy his ticket on the 28th of November. Should be ok, I think. The really sticky part comes with regard to making sure I get done ordering presents by Dec 12th. Cutting it close for any online ordering, but I only need 2 more that I can’t get in town.

I’m kinda happy that my planning didn’t venture into a need to use the Credit card (I really hate that thing!)

The hardest decision was with presents for anyone outside Z on my list. I decided that Z is my priority and anyone else I might be gifting, will have to settle for getting their gifts after the 25th. That’s just the way it is. I’m pretty sure my family and close friends will totally understand. They are as chuffed as I am that I get to celebrate my 1st Christmas in my own place with Z this year.

Z has always been super understanding about staying with my sister each year (I couldn’t have him at my basement room as it wasn’t equipped for 2 people) and he grew quite close to my sister and her family as a result.

This year, I get to spend every day with him instead of just a few. I will still have to work but, I kinda think he might like some alone time away from his MOM. I budgeted in a few movies and bus fare for him soo..I think he’ll be pleased. Plus, he’ll have Hulu and my computer to putter with if he stays home.

I plan to decorate with a small-ish tree, lights, ornaments, stockings and a few candles. The most fun will be having Z go grocery shopping with me and baking cookies.

I’m terribly excited.


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