Clearing site settings: How-to

Ok, so..if you are like me, you clear out your history quite frequently on Google. Now, also like me, you might have noticed a screen when clearing, that shows something called “Site Settings” or something that never seems to clear no matter how often you clear history. It also features sites you are like “When did I ever?…”

Those annoying sites have to be “Manually deleted”

heres how:

Go into Google home and tap the upper 3 right dots …scroll to settings and select it. (Next step under each photo)


Scroll down to “Site Settings” select it.


Select “All sites”

***Side note: (You also might want to return back to this particular screen and clear the one at the bottom titled “Storage” also while you’re in there (that one slows down your phone and uses your phones memory without asking permission..nice right?!)***


Delete each by clicking in it then selecting “Clear and reset”

You can clear even ones you use as it won’t hurt anything. (The google one opens a Google settings page..feel free to leave that one alone.)

You have to do it manually for ALL OF THEM. Annoying? Yes. Vital to your sanity? Also yes.

You’re Welcome.




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