Sometimes I truly dislike humans

I am still mad and it happened 6 days ago.

I have tried not to write about it because I believe that I have a ranting tendency. (It’s because I care a lot, but people may not understand this, so I desperately try to tone it down most of the time)

not this time. I gotta write about it because it bothers me still.

I was in the parking lot at work and a guy was loading his truck with his purchases. He’d let his little Golden Retriever puppy out of the truck while he loaded and the puppy was overcome by curiosity and started to wander away (he hadn’t really wandered much but that’s kinda what puppies do).

The guy, noticing the puppy wandering, tossed his groceries back into the cart leaned over and grabbed the puppy by the collar and lifted him/her straight off the ground and then slammed it down hard into the front seat where he proceeded to punch it and swear at it.

Now, when I say he grabbed it by the collar, I mean he practically strangled the puppy because he only used the one hand to lift its throat. I can’t help it…it enraged me. I am a firm pacifist but I have no stomach for blatant cruelty.

The worst part is, I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I had been walking over to get the man’s cart when all this happened, delighted by the idea that I might get to say hello to the puppy. Seeing that action broke my heart and I suddenly I felt very very young, I stood there unable to move. I was completely horrified. I grew up with retrievers soo this was particularly hard on me, as I know the breed to be extremely loving and gentle.

He drove away while I stood there too much at a loss to even move. I have seen and experienced cruelty before but, the abrupt change from cheerful expectation to horror managed to floor me.

The pain of innocents always breaks me into pieces.


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