Gail Carrigers: Souless

Umm…That was kinda hot!!

I wasn’t expecting it as I have read the other series and finished it, only to start on this next one…and WOW. It’s kinda awesome that she didn’t reveal too much, and yet built layer upon layer until Wham! Complete hotness. What was left out made it even more hot. Reveal less and let the imagination do the work…totally brilliant!

Seriously. I read paranormal romance (what my male friends teasingly refer to as Paranormal porn…because they don’t understand female sexuality…sorry not sorry) and this was truly even better than those because it didn’t say as much as those kinda just hinted..but Wow! I was hooked.

Ps. Nothing wrong with a man who wears kilts baby…I’m jus sayin.

I dig it.

Pss. Still having all the feelz for Soap though..his personality was A+ in the devotion department. I’m a totally devoted Phineas B. Crow fan! He’s only topped by Jupiter North from the Morrigan series..and Jupiter is only topped by my ultimate 100% favorite of all time Drustan Mackeltar-(Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning-I have a signed copy thank you soo much!)

DRUSTAN MACKELTAR: (Kiss of the Highlander) Twin brother of Dageus MacKeltar, also traveled through time to present day, married to Gwen Cassidy. Tall, dark, with long black hair and silver eyes, he is the ultimate chivalrous knight and would sacrifice himself for the greater good if necessary.



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