The Bekki Test (Answers)

How well do you know Bekki? Take the test and find out!

1. Bekki can withstand all kinds of junkfood cravings but, if you wave this in front of her nose. She’ll succumb 100%.

A. Jelly beans

B. Cheetos

C. Hot Tamales


2. Bekki likes Ice Cream from a specific company best. Which one?

A. Ben & Jerry’s

B. Sweet Me Creamery

C. Baskin Robbins

3. Bekki cannot be trusted with what?

A. Pumpkin Pie

B. Pets

C. Secrets

4. Bekki’s favorite hobby is?

A. Sewing and singing badly along with the radio.

B. Writing and arguing (loudly) with her imaginary characters.

C. Both.

5. Bekki is a master at:

A. Cooking

B. Traveling on planes.

C. Doing her hair.

True or false questions:

6. Bekki makes her bed every morning?
7. Is a Virgo? Capricorn Moon is Virgo though.

8. Talks to a man she has never met and who doesn’t know she is talking to him?
Yup. I’ve dreamt about TMW5T since I was a child..weird? Yes. (Don’t ask me…I have no idea why)

9. Has a lovely singing voice?
Hah!!! Nope. False.

10. Has a bear she takes with her whenever she flies?
Yes, his name is Theo. He’s a Charlie Bear from the UK. I should do a post about him next week. (schedules)


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