Meet Theo

This is Theo. He’s my Charlie Bear made exclusively by Isabelle Lee.


He joined my family in February 2008 while I was visiting the UK for a 2 weeks visit. We returned to the UK, for a years time, before returning to the US in April 2009.

When Theo learned we were moving back to the US, he was really sad. He’d miss Britain quite a lot, but he did admit that he’d kinda missed American food, especially Pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms.

Since then, we have been back to visit the UK 7 times, this makes Theo less homesick and started a tradition of him joining me on all my traveling adventures.

Here are some facts about Theo he wanted me to share with you.

His name: Theobald Quinnley

His fur: Chocolate Tipped Praline colored dense long piled plush fur with matching Praline Paw pads.

His height: 13 inches (and all of it quite serious about keeping people’s secrets)

Age: A mature bear never reveals his true age, but Theo does want you to know he was born September 12th and is a Virgo.
According to his astrology book,
bears born on September 12 are very neat and prefer to keep everything as orderly as possible, whether we are talking about their professional or home life. They are eager and amicable although sometimes they can appear as a bit uptight. They need time to disconnect and chill although they sometimes overlook this necessity. They can’t be more disturbed than by having to deal with ignorant people and enjoy their time very much when in the company of those they can look up to.

Theo’s Favorite Celebrities are Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. (British is best! says Theo)

Pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms.
English tea with milk served in an Emma Bridgewater teacup (none of that American Coffee-mug nonsense!)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Long Walks by the water.
Long stories and short wait times.
Christmas trees
Shooting stars.


Being away from loved ones.
Falling over
Indecisive people
Losing his scarf

Favorite Disney Bear: Kenai (Brother Bear)-Topping Loyalty
Least Favorite Disney Bear: Baloo- Much too lazy.

Wants: Letters from children who like British bears.

Care of
Subject: Theo Bear!

Current affairs: Theo just adopted a little sister! Her name is Thelma, and she’s a Gund Bear.

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