Dr Tooth decided to kick me in the mouth

I am going to be dead honest with you. For the last 8 years (before moving in with my sister Shay, for the last year and a half) I could barely afford food, much less the dentist. Things improved once I did move in with my sis, but not enough to be able to take care of two things, my vision and my teeth. I’m wearing 6 year old glasses and I have 2 cavities.

There are many, many reasons I feel blessed this year and having the funds to finally take care of myself is just one of them. Only…I really want to have Z here for Christmas. That means using my funds for tickets, presents and decorating..only, seems life has just decided that self-care has been put off much, much too long.

Basically, cavity #1 just broke my damned tooth. Well, shit.

Now, don’t think I’m lazy. I’m never lazy about certain things. I brush and care for my teeth rigorously. The problem is that, with existing cavities you can only put off problems, not solve them. Only the dentist can fill a cavity. Paying my bills is my biggest priority. I’m not always good to my body and that needs to change.

My body clearly wants me to take better care of it.

Well hell.

I’m going to try and put it off until January (I even set up the appointment) but, if my body needs it sooner that’s just going to have to happen. My life may have taken awhile to own, but it’s mine now and I deserve contacts and healthy dental.

Soo..My plan for 2020 is self-improvement.

I’ve worked on my inner me, my surroundings, my creative work, and my spiritual needs. Now it’s time to work on the me others see.

I worked on better clothing and having a beautiful apartment during 2019.

Now, 2020 is all about making a healthier outer me.

Let’s do this!

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