Doing it a bit differently

I have a confession, I don’t really like Turkey enough to cook one. I don’t really like the whole traditional feast menu, to be honest. I’m not a fan of gravy. Don’t really like Turkey off the bird. Don’t really enjoy cranberries and totally miss the point of grinding up turkey parts and putting it into a stuffing.

Pumpkin pie however, is definitely on the menu!

Therefore, I’m planning on doing the whole thing my own way this year.

Since I will be alone this Indigenous People day, I decided to do what I want to do, instead of what everyone always says I should do.

Soo..I donated my free 16 lb turkey (from work) to the city mission, bought the makings for The Ultimate Awesome Nachos Feast, bought a pumpkin pie and ice cream, and cued up the entire Indiana Jones movie series for Thursday viewing. I also decided which cross-stitch project I want to tackle while enjoying the mentioned marathon (Doxie present for Patt Sutton)

Indigenous people day is going to be lit!

Any day off work is to be celebrated.

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