Christmas stitching

I bought both the current Crosstitcher Magazine and The World of Cross Stitching Magazine. It’s no surprise that both are British based. Cross stitching isn’t as popular in the USA these days and shopping for products makes it very obvious.

The only annoying thing is the way they jack up the price of the magazine in the US. I know for a fact that The World of Cross-stitching and Crosstitcher both sell for £4.99 in the UK (abt $6.50 in conversion rate)

They sell them for $14.99 (World of Crosstitching) and $12.99 (Crosstitcher) here. Quite a difference.

With my two magazines I received additional gifts with purchase. (The two magazines are highly competitive with one another, especially at Christmas!)

I’m just finishing the tree ornament from Cross-stitcher and look forward to doing the 3-in-1 stitch kit from the other. Both will be gifts.

While I absolutely adore the projects in both magazines ( most especially the floral bunting pattern, in The World of Cross-stitching) I am totally over the moon for the Spirit of Christmas Angel by Durene Jones featured in Crosstitcher Magazine. It even has an option to get the kit instead of shopping for the materials. Also, the Christmas shop series which is being featured over the course of 3 magazines (October, November and December)is also quite tempting.

Anyway, check out my progress.


I have just the detail work and backstitching before I can sew it into a tree shape. This project was kinda fun. Most of the reviews I’ve heard about this free gift with magazine, is from trying to sew the tree together. I’m thinking that if it gives me too much trouble I might just hot glue the sucker or use Velcro.

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